The Show Must Go On!
Fall 2011

The GAPSB Team hopes this newsletter finds you well and getting ready for your next sales meeting, fund raiser, conference, retreat or event! In this issue we will share some tips on surviving and thriving no matter what Mother Nature or the economy throws at you. Also we have several case study success stories that you may find helpful in planning one of your next events.
Everyone loves referrals and the GAPSB Team does too! We would appreciate it if you could pass our newsletter or contact information along to someone you know that could utilize our services. Of course we would welcome your call or email with the contact information of your associate. If we hear directly from you we will be sure to send you a nice "thank you" if we earn the business from your referral.

Dealing with Disaster!
Generator Hour Meter Our recent weather in the Northeast has been challenging but the Get Ahead Pro Team is prepared. How about your organization? During the last few years we have experienced and survived a close call with a tornado, a series of floods, massive snow and ice storms, an earth quake and most recently a record breaking October snow storm! Whew! Now on to the tips:

1. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. We do not "bundle" our communication services with one carrier. Our strategic partners include Fairpoint Communications ( land lines ), Metrocast ( cable and internet ), Sprint ( wireless services ). By maintaining three distinct carriers we always have one service to fall back on or to "call forward to". The savings offered by bundling can come at a huge cost during an emergency, storm or other challenge.
2. Power when you need it most. Do you have an emergency source of power? Our office maintains a generator that has logged over 500 hours of service since we purchased it! As they say "Stuff happens" and when it does a generator can be one of your best assets.

Having a back- up plan in place is critical whether it is Data, Electric Service or Voice Communications. Take stock of your situation and make your plans now before you find your company shut down and out of service for several days or in some cases several weeks. If you have any questions about our systems please give us a call and we will be happy to share how our systems have kept the lights on and our office "Open for Business" no matter what the forecast is!

Case Study: Event Success!
Christine,Chris and Bill C This is a big year for politics and for many of us in New Hampshire it just never stops. When one of our customers called looking for a fun way to entertain their important vendors we knew just the "spin" to help make their event successful and memorable. A "special" guest was invited to speak to the group and give his thoughts on current events. Of course no one knew who the guest was going to be and for weeks the build up for the employees and the attendees of the event was stoked finally reaching critical mass just prior to the event date. When everyone was seated and the doors shut and entrances checked and guarded the "secret service" ( two select employees ) escorted the "special guest" to the podium to unleash 45 minutes of laughter and entertaining commentary on the attendees. President "Bill" Clinton, aka Damian Mason, had the group in stitches and even posed for pictures and shook hands at the end of his program for over an hour. No political party escaped unharmed and everyone in attendance concurred it was the most believable speech, since it was all hot air, they had heard from any politician in their lifetime.

Case Study 2: A retail organization needed a closing speaker that could hold a tough group of leaders for the last session of a multi-day conference. We knew who would be just the ticket to insure the success of this critical event. We also knew that he would leave them feeling upbeat and ready to charge back and implement the many new ideas and time tested solutions they would need to increase their stores performance. Our clients comment about the program: Hi Chris, Rick was terrific!

A recent quote from one of our customers: "I have to admit it - you were right. Jack Agati was great! Not only is he a very nice man, his presentation was very well received by the entire staff. I wanted it to be a fun, entertaining, yet informative session and that is exactly what I am hearing from our staff. I did not sit in on the presentation. I covered the front desk so that our contact representatives could attend. As soon as Mr. Agati finished his presentation and employees started returning to their workstations or offices, all I heard was how great it was. I would definitely use him again and recommend him to other ODAR offices.

Motivation from Top Athletes can Inspire and Entertain
Kara Wolters Pro Baskerball Maybe your conference or event needs a sports figure to rally the members or your associates. We are very excited to add Kara Wolters to our roster! She has done it all ! Her dream was realized in 1995 when she won the NCAA Championship, playing for UConn, with a 35-0 record. She went on to become one of only six players in the world to have the elusive "set"-NCAA championship (1995), the WNBA championship (1999) and an Olympic gold medal (2000).

Kara also won a gold medal for the USA Jones Cup Team(1996); won a gold medal for the USA World University Games Team(1997), and a silver medal in 1995. She played on the US National Team in 1997-98 and 1999-2000. She also won a European championship with her pro team in Schio, Italy. In 1998. Kara has wonderful programs for students on bullying and success. She also has great inspirational programs for associations and corporations.

Learn and Earn! Navy SEAL Trainer Helps Your Team Win
DavidRutherfordAction We all are grateful for our men and women who serve in our military. Get Ahead is proud to announce that we have added a former Navy SEALl veteran to our roster and team. Not only is a he a great motivational speaker, he is one of the select few who train our soldiers to be the best so you know you are in for a great experience. David has special programs for kids of all ages and his programs for associations and corporations are fantastic. Be sure to ask about our other veterans as well when you contact us.

What About You?
How about you? Are you looking to create an event that inspires, motivates and has long lasting impact? Do you have a limited budget and a short deadline? We can help. Get Ahead Pro is "Results Struck, not Star Struck." Our personalized approach and preparation make all the difference.
Of course if you need a "Big Name" and have a large budget, we welcome the opportunity to work with you as well. Why not experience a speakers bureau that puts you first? A strategic partner that understands the challenges meeting planners face today. Get Ahead has experience in all phases of the of the event and meetings industry. GAPSB delivers value and performance and promises a program that will impact your attendees positively for years to come. Please call or email us today to see for yourself.

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Get Ahead Pro Speakers Bureau is ready to help you make your meetings and events less stressful and more successful while delivering the ROI you need. Please let me know the next best step our team can take to turn your next meeting, sales training, conference or retreat into the most memorable event your attendees have ever experienced! We can work with any budget to help you and your team develop a fabulous program that will insure that your end of year and 2012 events are standing ovation successes. The Get Ahead Team wishes you and yours all the best of the upcoming holidays.


Chris Reagan, President
Chris Reagan
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