Helping Non-profits, Cancer Survivors and Camp Sunshine!
Winter 2011

In the past few months Get Ahead has touched the hearts and souls of hundreds of volunteers, cancer survivors and terminally ill children. Even during these challenging economic times we can all help make a difference in our communities. The following stories are just a few examples of the Get Ahead Team making a difference and having impact in the lives of those who attend our programs and connect with our speakers and volunteers.

Swim Across the Sound Survivor Breakfast Program
Tom Hayes Keynote When we got the call to provide an entertaining, motivational speaker for a breakfast program for and in celebration of cancer survivors we didn't think twice about who we would suggest. Our speaker, Tom Hayes is a cancer survivor, award winning comedian and fantastic motivational speaker. The breakfast in Bridgeport, CT was hosted by the St. Vincent's Medical Foundation. Since 1987 "SWIM", Swim Across the Sound and the St. Vincent's Medical Foundation have been raising money to help cancer patients and their families. Each year they raise approximately 2.6 million dollars. That is a whole lot of positive impact and Get Ahead Pro and our speaker Tom Hayes are grateful to have played a small part in their continued success!

For more information about supporting SWIM contact events@stvincents.org or call 203-576-5451.

Chris Reagan, Michael Bisciglia and Tom Hayes Featured in this photo: Chris Reagan, President of Get Ahead Pro Speakers Bureau, Michael Bisciglia, Vice President of St. Vincents Medical Foundation and keynote speaker Tom Hayes

Thoughts from Tom Hayes on his Camp Sunshine Experience
"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires". William Ward.
Recently, I connected with a group of great inspirers at a weekend retreat and seminar at the MGM Grand. I met volunteers who do what they love and love what they do. Maybe, William Ward could have added" The great teacher inspires, and loves and lives to inspire". This is exactly what the counselors and managers at Camp Sunshine in Connecticut do. Many are former cancer patients who have moved past the survivor stage to player, winner, champion, coach, mentor, healer and "inspirer" stage. They give a couple of overnight weekends, grassroots fund raising throughout the year, and full weeks of their vacations to counsel and inspire children with cancer to thrive for a week at camp. To experience their dedication, passion and commitment brings chills to one's inner spirit. I plan to visit the camp this summer to reconnect and experience first hand the "miracles" that take place at every camp session. As soon as I felt the energy and passion in the room, I was humbled and explained that I really couldn't teach anything new to a group who already lived the "Secrets of the Universe". What more can you tell a group who understands better than the majority that the only way you 'get' is 'to give'. See you this summer!

Get Ahead Team supports Camp Sunshine in Maine and Connecticut!.
Volunteer Ski Instructors at Camp Sunshine In the past year Chris Reagan, President of Get Ahead Pro Speakers Bureau has been able to volunteer and support a local adaptive ski program. This year found Chris on the slopes volunteering for Camp Sunshine's winter program at Shawnee Peak in Bridgeton, Maine.

"In the rush of life we can all get caught up and gummed up by our own challenges. A day spent with families who have terminally ill children puts all your troubles into perspective rather quickly. It is a small way to make a difference and the good news is that anyone can do it. Just make a commitment, disconnect from the office for a day or two each year. The experience is moving and you will get back as much if not more from your small donation of time."

What About You?
How about you? Do you have a tight budget and a short deadline? Do you work with or know a non-profit that needs fund raising assistance? We can help. Get Ahead Pro is "Results Struck, not Star Struck." Our personalized approach and preparation make all the difference. Of course if you need a "Big Name" and have a large budget, we welcome the opportunity to work with you as well. Why not experience a speakers bureau that puts you first? A strategic partner that understands the challenges meeting planners face today. Get Ahead has experience in all phases of the of the event and meetings industry, planning, association and corporate. GAPSB delivers value and performance and promises a program that will impact your attendees positively for years to come. Please call or email us today to see for yourself.

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