Spring Events
Spring 2010

Finally the weather is clearing and all those important spring and summer events can look forward to clear skies. We have enjoyed several successful repeat events, annual meetings and corporate training programs and numerous new customers that helped to start 2010 off on a positive note. In this issue: A continuous success story, FUN(D) RAISING and a Look back and forward all at the same time!

10 years of Annual Meeting Success!
RossShaferCStage How can you keep making an annual event a success? In this case it was all about location, location, location.....OK maybe it really wasn't all about location but that fact helped stretch the budget and that was one of the keys that helped insure this annual meetings continued success.
We have been working with this customer for over 10 years and once again our experience, being able to listen carefully and a recent venue change all added up to making the perfect recipe for success! Of course timing played a part as well and helped us bring back one of their all time favorite MC's to do the program. He has now "WOWED THE CROWD" four times during this past decade. Only the best can do that and he is one of the best in the business and has been a HERO to our customers and our company many times!

Our customer put it this way: "Ross was fantastic!!! Just got home but I was going to send him a note. Very pleased and unanimous great reviews. JG" Interested to find out who the Master of Ceremonies was? Click the image above and enjoy a tongue-in-cheek promotional video that is not too far off the mark...Ross Shafer is a meeting planner's and speakers bureau's hero!

EVENTS OF ALL SIZES Are you involved in helping a non-profit or other organization raise money for a good cause? Need something FUN and ENTERTAINING? We can provide solutions that guarantee a great time for your attendees and a great return on your investment at the same to so you can really raise the needed revenues that will make your event a success.

Comedy, Entertainment, Music, Magic, Motivation and much, much more!! Running a parent program? Having a Teen program? Maybe you need to raise capital to accomplish something big in your community? We can help and we creatively assist you in helping to make your event a "must attend" and one that your attendees will be talking positively about for years to come. How can we make that statement? !5 that's right FIFTEEN plus years of direct experience make brings you the knowledge to get it right and to really win big and make a difference for your group.

A Look Back & Forward All At The Same Time!
DaveandChris This year we experienced a heartwarming event that we plan on making a repeat performance at again in 2010 and 2011! The Adaptive Ski program at Shawnee Peak gave me the personal opportunity to see how special events can really have a special impact on everyone involved. What can be accomplished? Pure joy, Overcoming fear, building self esteem, teamwork and establishing a path for a more productive future for every participant involved no matter level of involvement they play is only part of the story. Opening minds to unlimited possibilities and to a more inclusive life is another part, but there is much more. We hope to hear your story and see you involved in the coming year. Remember it is not an all or nothing situation. Every small effort, slice of time or donation you give can have huge impact way beyond your wildest dreams. This year why not think local and find out how you can have a global impact right in your own state, region or country. Please share your stories so that we can inspire others to reach out and make a difference. Isn't that the goal of every program?

As we enter the spring and summer months we continue our quest to save our customers money, deliver exceptional programming and to create repeat and referral business so we can continue to keep our speakers, entertainers and celebrities busy.
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