Good News!
November, 2009

We know how hard you have been working to keep your organizations on track, your employees motivated and everyone trained. During the last few months in our conversations you have shared your challenges, victories and struggles. There is good news to share and brighter days are ahead for all of us in the meetings industry. It isn't all going to happen overnight but if we share our victories, success stories and successes we may just be able to inspire others to move forward with their meetings and events and Get Ahead today, right now, while their competitors wonder what to do next. One major bright spot in the national news this very morning was Ford's announcement of becoming profitable, gaining market share and moving forward with bold plans. Wow, what a great example for all of us. One of our speakers, Willie Jolley, played a key roll in the success they enjoy today. Contact us for the complete story on Willie's impact. Of course Ford's success did not happen overnight. Their success was crafted over last several years with keen planning and special programs focused on delivering long term results. We can assist your organization and help you get tremendous long term impact from your meetings, events, retreats and training programs. We hope you enjoy the next few success stories and contact us to begin planning your future success

Trine University
Rob Peck When the call came into our office for a person who could help freshman college students juggle multiple priorities and life changing experiences we knew just the right person for the task. Reaching students has never been easy and in this day and age it's harder than ever. If you have a teenager at home you know what I'm talking about! IPOD's, cell phones, multimedia devices of all shapes and sizes are taking huge amounts of mind share from our younger generation. How could anyone break through to drive home some key points and to help these kids make it through their demanding freshman year? Take one dedicated speaking professional, mix in years of juggling and entertainment experience, add in liberal amounts of pre-program research and then combine it all into a custom choreographed presentation and presto you have an inspired, motivated audience of freshman college students better prepared to face the challenges ahead of them. " Rob Peck really came through for us! We were impressed with his talent & techniques which delivered a great message to our new students here at Trine." Randy White, Dean of Students

Up Close and Personal
CloudsandCog Remember back in August when I mentioned training and preparing to climb in the White Mountain's northern Presidential area? The trip took an unexpected turn. You see that area of the White Mountains, just north of Mt. Washington has some of the worst weather on record! We carefully monitored the weather and packed emergency gear just in case anything occurred. The day was completely overcast from the valley below. Once we broke through the clouds above tree line on Mt. Washington you could see well over 100 miles in all directions. With full packs we headed north across Mt Clay and Mt Jefferson arriving at our our final destination for the day as the sun set on the back side of Mt Sam Adams at the RMC site known as The Perch. We knew a front was expected late the next day so we set camp and prepared for an early start. The morning broke clear and cold as we headed back up the mountain expecting to summit several more peaks that day and then hike back out to our base camp. As often happens the front moved in quicker than anyone had forecast. With winds exceeding 90 miles per hour we had to make drastic changes to our plans in order to just make it through Thunderstorm Junction and down the nearest trail behind Mt Adams. We all came home safely. Of course the only reason we made it down in one piece was the teamwork, training and preparation we undertook prior to the start of the adventure. Is your team prepared to face the hurricane force winds we are experiencing in the marketplace today? Have you prepared them with the training that can help get them through? Get Ahead Pro can help you and your team. Just give us a call and we will help you summit your own mountains.

Chris Speaks!
After the climb Over the years I have found myself speaking and delivering programs in Mexico, Canada, the UK and this week I will be speaking at the University of Vermont in Burlington during the ACCED-I Regional Conference. I'm looking forward to experiencing their state of the art "Green" facility and I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with the meeting professionals who run the meetings and events at our regions finest colleges and universities.

As always you can count on the fact that the GAPSB team is ready to coach, train and play ball to help you win! One of our recent customers said it best: "Our team enjoyed Tom immensely. He has a gift of working with the audience, keeping their attention and keeping them motivated. I would certainly recommend him to others. Kathy Puglise, Home Choice Partners " October 15, 2009 Call today for more information about how "Tom" and many of our other professionals can motivate your audience.

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Get Ahead Pro Speakers Bureau is ready to help you make your meetings and events less stressful and more successful while delivering the ROI you need. Please let me know the next best step our team can take to turn your next program, sales training or retreat into the most memorable event your attendees have ever experienced! Don't let the Grinch steal the holidays! We can work with any budget to help you and your team celebrate 2009. Speaking of the end of the year, 2010 is right around the corner. Now is the time to prepare to enjoy even greater success as the economy comes back to life.


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