Inspiration, Leverage and Your Future
July 30, 2009

It's time to roll up your sleeves and for more than one reason! Summer has finally arrived in New England. Is it hot where you are? Have you rolled up your sleeves? I hope so because it is time to get back on track and get your sales team burning up the prospect list and turning your prospects into new customers. We are all in the same boat on this one and there is no way around the fact that it is going to take inspiration and leverage to make sure you and your organization's future is positive.

Summer Camp
Upton Bell Do any of you remember back in High School, when a select few would head off to camp in order to prepare for the coming football season. Maybe you were part of that team? Maybe you knew one of the players? Even if you didn't I'm sure you heard about summer football camp. Long workouts in the scorching heat, drill after drill after drill and for what? To get ready to play ball and win in the fall. The teams that prepared and did their homework hit the field hard and their competitors even harder. They usually won more games than they lost and if they kept their focus and kept drilling they stood a good chance at winning their division and going all the way!

Now comes the tough part. What is your team's summer camp? Some companies are giving their team longer vacations and mandatory days off. Others are going back to basics and getting the training they need to motivate and inspire their players to win now and in the fall. We can help your team win but only if we hear from you. We can put a play book together for you in just a few days and our team is ready and has been drilling so we won't skip a beat making sure your employees have the right training to win. Online training starts at just $79.99 a month and live custom tailored training starts at only $1,500 a day! Stop losing sales and call today to get your team back on winning streak. 800-943-7747 or our new line 603-664-8888 info@getaheadpro.com

Up Close and Personal
Chris Reagan Mt. Katahdin, on the Knifes Edge,  Maine Each year I take a break in early September, to recharge and refresh just before the fall season kicks in. Right now I'm back at summer camp getting ready. You see my "break" involves, camping, hiking and mountain climbing. In order to get ready I've got to "pay it forward" and make sure my body and mind are ready for the trip. As many of you know I "walk the talk". I can't just say "just do it" without doing it myself. You can be sure that at this very moment my team is drilling and conditioning to make sure we are ready to make it to the top. We've got a retreat planned for August and we are taking full advantage of our new online training to help give our players the edge we need to win.

Your Future
Your Team I hope these last few paragraphs have given you some food for thought and inspired you to consider doing something to increase morale, sales and of course the bottom line at your organization. Yes it will require some effort, planning and an investment but the good news is we are here to assist you and we will make sure you get a tremendous return on your investment. You see our success is determined by your success. The bottom line is that we do training right. We love repeat and referral business so why not share this message with an associate? Make the call or send an email. Find out about our new online training programs or ask about a live in person training event that will address your specific challenges directly. Just giving your team extra days off is not the answer to beating the competition and this recession. The only way out is to gain market share and beat your competitors. You have to "pay it forward" with your own summer camp plan in order get the results you need.

As always you can count on the fact that the GAPSB team is ready to coach, train and play ball to help you win! One of our recent customers said it best: "Connie exceeded our expectations - she connected with our team and her presentation was on point. In the baseball world - Connie hit a GRAND SLAM!" June 8, 2009

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Get Ahead Pro Speakers Bureau is ready to help you make your meetings and events less stressful and more successful while delivering the ROI you need. Please let me know the next best step our team can take to turn your next program, sales training or retreat into the most memorable event your attendees have ever experienced! Have a great summer. I'll see you at the Peak!


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