Hoping your spring was as successful and busy as ours
May 22, 2009

It's about time we touched base and gave all of you an update from our new office in Strafford, NH. We delivered standing ovations from many of our exceptional speakers in the first quarter of 2009. Some of our repeat and new customers include: The Association of Cancer Executives, AHEAD ( great name and they do wonderful work helping families with affordable housing ) , Dover High School, The Energy Council of New England, The Photo Imaging and Distributors Association, Inc. , The North East Association of Allied Health Educators, The Public Utilities Risk Management Association , Columbia St. Mary's Hospital and many, many more. This first quarter's events ranged from General Session Keynotes to Teacher Workshop Kickoffs. Mixed in were after dinner entertainment, cancer survivor celebrations and several national and regional events for nurses. Read on to find cool summer savings, a way to drive up attendance at your summer event and a way to enter a great contest all at the same time.

It's not all bad news
GAPSB's New Headquarters It has been challenging these past few months with all the attention given to a few large events and the recent flu headlines. When you step back and take a breath though, there really is a lot to be thankful for and to celebrate. We have been celebrating our new location and have plans for our annual retreat in the works! The problem is good news doesn't sell papers (we all know they need the business), attract page views or high ratings. How about being proactive and giving your team some good news or a great event to celebrate or motivate the team! You can be certain that today's headlines will change. Remember last years $4.00 a gallon gas? Now is a great time to gain market share and to plant positive messages that will move your organization ahead. Great rates are available across the board for every meeting and event service you could ever want and you know as a professional planner now is the time to leverage that advantage for your company or organization.

Ways to Celebrate and Enhance Any Event
Michael B Rubin We have helped non-profits, corporations, colleges and associations spice up their meetings and events for over fifteen years. How? Clean corporate comedy, interactive fun team building events, spouse and family programs and entertaining humorists that mix their message with humor. Our Master of Ceremonies can ad pizzazz to any event. Live music in any style, cutting edge content delivered in any format:Keynote, panel, interview, online or in person. We can also provide entertaining auctioneers to help you raise money and the fun factor at your charity or other fund raising program.

Maybe you need a new view, perspective or idea?
Great Bay We are always adding new talent and thoughtleaders to our roster. A very exciting addition to our roster is Michael B. Rubin the author of "Beyond Paycheck To Paycheck". A topic that is surely on the mind of many of your attendees or employees. A quick call to our office or an email and we can provide you with a wealth of ideas and inspiration to help you keep your attendees happy and at the same time allow you to focus on the hundreds of other details in your life.

Graduations, conferences, weddings, employee appreciation events, retreats and all sorts of other summer social events are just around the corner. The GAPSB Team is ready to help you have a fantastic summer, a great fall, save money and maybe even win a great contest. Read on and click the images for all the details.

Save Money and Enter a Cool Contest
NH Meetings Information Looking for a great place to host a meeting, event or retreat this summer? Look no further than New Hampshire. We've got it all and tax free shopping too! If you take a moment to find our listing you will find additional savings for your summer event as long as you host it in NH!

Need even more reasons to host your summer event in NH? How about a fun way to increase attendance too! Go to http:\\wwwNHDreamVacation.com or click on the " I Love It Here" Images and see what the great folks at the Department of Travel and Tourism have cooked up just for you.

New Hampshire Dream Vacation Scavenger Hunt
I Love It Here! Visit Getaheadpro.com

Get Ahead Pro Speakers Bureau is ready to help you make your meetings and events less stressful and more successful while delivering the ROI you need. Please let me know the next best step our team can take to turn your next program into the most memorable event your attendees have ever experienced! Have a great summer. See you in NH!!


Chris Reagan, President
Chris Reagan
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