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The Globetrotter's Get-Gorgeous Guide: Diet and Beauty Secrets of Travel and Beauty Pros, Traveling Executives and Celebrity Travelers, is the Bestselling book written by Boston author Debbi K. Kickham.  It is the world's first beauty book for traveling women, and will offer you great, smart, fun, money-saving, and even offbeat ways to look good and feel good in your travels. You'll love the advice on diet, beauty, cosmetics, snacks, luggage, shopping, hotels, packing, fashion, around the world!


Featuring a boatload of celebrity tips from


  • Samantha Brown of The Travel Channel
    • Socialite Ivana Trump
    • TV Host Vanna White
    • Supermodel Cheryl Tiegs
    • Broadcaster Nancy O'Dell
    • Broadcaster Joan Lunden
    • Actress/Singer Barbara Eden

    and alot more! Now you can leave the house looking like Catherine Deneuve -- and not wind up as Gerard Depardieu!

    HERE'S THE LINK TO THE ARTICLE ABOUT IT IN THE GLOBETROTTER'S GET-GORGEOUS GUIDE, as featured in Peter Greenberg Worldwide.  Click here!
    Fact Fact:

    The U.S. Department of Commerce today released its 2010 reports on International Visitation to the United States and Fast Facts for the U.S. travel and tourism industry, which are now both available on the Office of Travel and Tourism Industries website.


  • 2010 international visitation set a new record to support the National Export Initiative.
  • The United States welcomed 60 million international visitors in 2010, 5 million more than the year before.
  • In 2010, the top inbound markets continued to be Canada and Mexico, both of which were up in arrivals along with eight of the nine overseas regional markets.
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    And don't leave home without yummy gummy vitamins -- for adults!  Hero Nutritionals makes delicious fruit-flavored gummies for adults in five versions; Deb loves the multivitamins in orange, lemon, strawberry, cherry, pineapple and grape.  A little 10-calorie joy for every day at work and play!
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    Bring a "Tasselaire" with the gorgeous fragrance of Agraria of San Francisco, a bitter-orange-clove aromatic scent that will make your hotel smell like your home!
    Yankee Candle makes a wide variety of products you can take in your travels: Car Gels in flavors such as lilac, Macintosh apple, pear and coconut.  Or try the new On-The-Go travel sprays.  The vanilla-lime is divine!
    See the sights after you've brushed your teeth with Weleda calendula toothpaste that tastes just like black licorice.  It's a little luxury you'll love! During your travels, make sure to check out the grocery store and pharmacy, to discover all kinds of locally made soaps, skincare items, and gourmet foods you can bring back as gifts and souvenirs. The Globetrotter's Get-Gorgeous Guide has an entire chapter on cosmetics from around the world, made with local, indigenous ingredients.