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A Healthy Organic Spring Recipe
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50% of Stoked, The Book
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Touch Fitness Inaugural Human Being-ness Award 2009
Do You Have a Sixth Sense?
Can You See it Now?
How Often Am I Supposed to Get a Massage?
What's up with Ritual 1?
Organic Recipe of the Month: Avocado Mango Salad
Book of the Month: 15-Minute Abs Workout Book w/ DVD
Sign Up Now for the Next "Finance, Food and Fitness" Workshop!
How are Your Couples Massage Skills?
Are you an iPhone Lover?
Crazy Cool NY Store of the Month
Restaurant Review
Jewelry for the Inner Goddess
How Do You Get a Free Massage?
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Mark Your Calendars

June 10, Wednesday 7pm
The next TouchFitness Meet & Greet is set for June 10, 2009 at 7pm at the
Roger Smith Hotel Bar, Lily's. RSVP to

June 20, Saturday 7pm
The next Girlflower get together (ladies only) is set for Saturday, June 20, 2009 at 7pm at the
Milkshake Lounge. RSVP to Sherrin at
Quote of the Month

"Floods of favor are coming." -Joel Osteen
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Hineni: Here I am.
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Dear Friends,
Thank you for subscribing to my eco-friendly and infrequent eNews and a joyous Summer to us all! I just got back from South Beach on Wednesday where I went for my birthday and I had a wonderful time. My birthday dinner was at my restaurant of choice Francesco's Italian gem La Locanda. Located at 413 Washington Ave, they import melt in your mouth mozzarella from Italy every Thursday! I had drinks at Ted's where I met new friends over Yuengling (new fav beer) and old friends over tequila or was that rum? On Sunday the incredibly generous and fun-loving Holly and Chris' invited me to the Flamingo BBQ by the pool and I spent all day catching up with everyone and meeting new friends until dinner (see pics on my facebook page). There were strolls on the beach, baking in the sun, floating in the water, talking to the Universe. There was breakfast at Puerto Sagua, lunch in Sunny Isles, sushi dinner at Yoko's. I had a lovely time with my wonderful, kind and talented South Beach friends. To detox and recuperate from NY, I went to Chad Bailey's Tai Chi Class (literally on the beach at 8th Street) and had a fabulous acupuncture session with him and got needles to go. Someone please remind me to take them out in 2 weeks!

To begin my trip by the way, I stopped over at the W on Prosper Assouline's Miami Beach Book W HotelLexington Ave in NY for a drink with Rodd and there was this fabulous book to make my mouth water for my upcoming trip. This is one of Prosper Assouline's beautiful and artful coffee table books. I had the honor of meeting him one day for a massage at Exhale Spa in NY, check out his Store within a Store at: Miami Beach Books & Books store next time you're down there.

Why haven't I gotten your newsletters recently?
The simple reason many of you haven't seen one of these newsletters in over a year is because I haven't put one out. I plan to put them out as the artistic inspiration hits me. Despite the name of the electronic newsletter company I use (Constant Contact) I feel that INFREQUENCY adds value to your newsletter experience. This way, I can still share with you and you remain interested in what I have to say. In the spirit of adding only value to your association with me, in this eco-friendly newsletter, I offer you "informafuntent" (informative, usable and fun content) and lots of pictures. Whenever you feel this might be valuable and enrich the lives of others, please feel free to forward to friends, family members and colleagues.

What's new with TouchFitness?
TF Female Massage RecipientWhich brings me to my next item on the agenda. When is the last time you had a massage? It's time to get back to your body. Has it been a month, a year or several years since you had a massage? Do you try to cram all your bodywork in to your vacations? How do you feel when the adrenaline and coffee wear off? Check in with your body right now. Maybe it's time to re-think that "plan". You could add in tai chi, yoga, a meditation class or a daily walk. It's time to get back to your body.

To assist you, I've created some new 30 minute services that you can more easily squeeze into your work week (see them at: I've also modified the massage guidelines, see below (they're just guidelines anyway) and I've included in this eNews issue a 10 Minute Guided Visualization that you can use over and over again wherever you are to help your massages last longer (scroll down)! I've also purchased the absolute Terminator technology of head rest cradles for your sinus and facial comfort and you will get the most freshly blended high-quality therapeutic grade essential oils for the pleasure of your sensitive nose buds. So, please, enjoy your massages, enjoy my eNews and enjoy this summer!

TouchFitness Donates to Great Causes
Congratulations to Chelsea Zimmerman, SGA Junior Class President, Barnard College, winner of a TouchFitness, Informative Bodywork Gift Certificate plus  complimentary bottle of Ritual 1, Intention-Based Aromatherapy to Mind, Mist & Manifest her dreams into being from her mother Rebecca Palmer's generous participation in The Women's Media Center Online Auction. The WMC Media Awards will be held on June 17, 2009 in NYC! TouchFitness has also donated this year to to The Jody Oberfelder Dance Co Opening Night Gala Silent Auction. and the Ananda Ashram Gala Fundraiser Silent Auction.

Live Long and Prosper,

Sherrin Bernstein
TOUCHFITNESS, Informative Bodywork
"You know you want it cause it makes you feel good."
The First Ever TouchFitness Human Being-ness Award for 2009:

David E Cutler, Milawi, Africa
We are awarding a 50 minute Aromatic Deep Tissue Massage (valued at $125) to David E. Cutler for his humanitarian efforts in Malawi, Africa.David will redeem his prize upon his return from his courageous work.

Congratulations David. Thank you for your humanitarian efforts.

To find out more about David's work in Milawi see
Do You Have a Sixth Sense?
The Sixth Sense NYC
SixthSenseStoreFrontA Healing Place & An Eclectic Candle Shop

Do you have a sixth sense? Because you will after visiting The Sixth Sense NYC. Walk into this cozy Brooklynesque boutique in the middle of Manhattan and step into another world! Experience a scent-a-thon, learn about candle care and shop for everything from Hindu Deity Statues to clothing. This charmer has a little bit of everything and is truly a place of healing disguised cleverly as a candle shop.

The Sixth Sense NYC
324 W 49th Street
Phone: (212) 957-9057
TF female temple massage Can You See it Now?
10 Minute Guided Visualization

Don't have time for a massage? Sit back, get comfortable and read on.

Take a long, slow, gentle deep breath, let it out. Take a moment to look at this photo. Imagine you are the one getting your temples rubbed. You are getting in touch with your body already through the brain's powers of association.

Take a quick inventory. What's tense? Relax it. How? Picture it melting like butter into long streams of smoothness. You are teaching your body to relax already through visualization.

Take another breath. Is any part of your body blocked to breathing? Relax it. How? Imagine yourself a balloon buoyantly expanding and releasing from expansion with each breathing cycle as your balloon fills and empties itself of helium. You are guiding your body to free your breathing already through imagery.

How's your energy? Stuck in tense muscles? Picture your body floating and expanding till it mingles with the stars, then slowly coming back to your own shape softer, longer energized and with plenty of room for the breath. Take a breath. How do you feel now? Softer? Calmer? Warmer? That's excellent, good job, you have just used the powers of intention and to change the state of your body.

Now, take a moment to absorb these sensations, your new powers, your new state of being. Close your eyes, take another easy breath, sense the blood flowing to all the nooks and crannies and far reaches, absorb and resolve to take these sensations into the rest of your day, your week, your life. Excellent. Great job. You have moments ago literally changed your way of being in your body with your mind. 

Now copy and paste this article to your fridge or bulletin board so you can see it easily and use it again, archive this newsletter in your mail program, email it to your friends and go get some air.

Sherrin Bernstein, LMT

How Often Am I Supposed to Get a Massage?
New Massage Guidelines for New Times

The Fartlek Method
Everybody is different, so you can just listen to your body and come in as you feel the effects of your prior massage wear off. After a while, you will be able to figure out a schedule. Remember you want to give your bodymind positive feedback regularly enough that it starts to recognize, repeat and prefer freer movement patterns, coordinations and feeling better.

The Interval Method
1-3/wk 30m to reduce stress, soothe aches and pains & make changes happen fast
1/wk 60-90m athletes and stress bunnies
1/mos 60-90m for maintenance and hedonists

Massages on Mondays help you set your approach to the work week.
Massages on Fridays free you up to enjoy your weekend.
Leave 30m between massages and eating, exercising or hot tubs.
Leave 2-3days between massage and athletic events.
Refrain from imbibing and/or taking analgesics (pain killers) before massages.
TF Hours Image Sherrin's Hours

The Massage Room
Mon-Wed 11-8pm
Sat 12-5pm
By appointment
46th & Lex, NYC

Gift Certificates available.
House Calls available, schedule permitting.
Please ask me how I can help you purchase your own massage table if you plan to continue with Home-Sweet-Home massages. Check out my oil blends and my new 30m services and packages which help you save time and money at! For more information or appointments, feel free to call me at 917.415.6539 or email me at!

Exhale Spa
Thursdays 3-9pm at 150 Central Park South.
Call 212-561-7401 for appointment.

Fridays 3-9pm at 980 Madison Avenue.
Call 212-561-6401 for appointment.
Attract Essentials Logo Square Attract Essentials News
What's up with Ritual 1?

Many wonderful things have been happening this year. One of my very wise, generous and loving clients kindly advised me to 'lay low' till September and so we have been quietly laying the groundwork for growth. We have been acquiring data for, developing and re-writing our business plan with Ron Rubin of DDR Enterprises. We have also been networking and having informative conversations with contributors, advisors, investors and attending entrepreneurial learning opportunities such as the NYC Entrepreneur Week Classes. We saved enough pennies to have the beautiful new mylar labels made with Dion Labeling Company and we are 300 bottles closer to my goal of assisting 1 million people to Mind, Mist and Manifest their dreams into being. We are now looking to have conversations with buyers for unique small retail boutiques and the NY Gift Mart until we expand. Please feel free to make these win-win introductions for us and may your dreams come as easily into being!
Organic Recipe of the Month
Avocado Mango Salad

Avocados are often feared for fat content, yet they contain a yummy and nutritious natural fat (only 10g) that lowers cholesterol, plus they contain much vitamin A, B & E, not to mention iron and vitamin C. Mangos are one of the oldest fruits known in history. Bhudda sat under a mango tree when he developed awareness and became enlightened and mangos contain vitamin B, C, and iron and of course 0g of fat. This recipe contains a total of 24g of fat. Balanced by all the other nutritious and delicious ingredients, this makes the perfect spring salad. How did I know all that? Go to

MangoPapayaSaladWhat You'll need:
1 ripe organic mango
1 ripe organic avocado
1 Tablespoon Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from New York City Olive Oil Coop
1 teaspoon Coarse Sea Salt
1 sprig fresh organic Coriander, chopped
1/2 lime
Quarter, peel and dice mango and avocado. Place in medium sized glass mixing bowl. Squeeze juice of 1/2 a lime over mango and avocado. Add 1 Tablespoon of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Add chopped coriander. Toss and sprinkle teaspoon of Coarse Sea Salt on top. Serve chilled as side dish for 2-3 people.

This Olive Oil's Nutrition Facts:
Amount Per Serving Size 1 Tbsp (15ml)
Total Fat 14g. 22%
Saturated Fat 1.5g 10%
Polyunsaturated Fat 1.5g
Monounsaturated Fat 10g
Cholesterol 0mg 00%

For more information and to order your Olive Oil:
15Min Abs Book PCBook of the Month
Not a fan of the gym?

No time for classes? Work your abs for just 15 minutes a day, three times a week and see real results.

The most effective exercises for flat abs can be found in my latest book 15-Minute Abs Workout (DK, 2009), which comes with a companion DVD. 15-Minute Abs can be found in bookstores nationwide and on

All the best for toned abs,
Sign Up Now for the Next "Finance, Food and Fitness" Workshop!
Josephti Cruz Gonda's first "Finance, Food and Fitness" Workshop was a huge success! It was held on Thursday, May 28, 2009. Great fun, healthy eats and financial information was had by all with special Guest Leaders Danyelle Demchock of Inner Clarity and Ana Nieto, Co-founder of Transform Fitness located at 133 East 58th St., NYC.

Josephti Cruz Gonda produces the financial goals you want, but she has a greater vision. Josephti understands that you are a unique individual who has unique financial planning needs. So throw that cookie cutter away, join Josephti for her fabulous new workshops and get Fiscally Fit at the same time! Call now to reserve space for the next "Finance, Food and Fitness Workshop"!

    -30 minute workout
    -15 minute nutritional coaching
    -1 Financial Analysis, choice of
        -monthly budget
        -investment portfolio

    -Reduce stress
    -Organize your finances
    -Get you on the road to extraordinary health
    -Learn how to live symptom free for your lifetime
    -Meet great new like-minded people

Josephti Cruz Gonda
Financial Advisor
citi smith barney
Kala: Couples MassageDVD How are Your Couples Massage Skills?

Consider massaging your significant other to strengthen your relationship. We have everything for massage, and more... just give us a shout to make an appointment to come over to see our showroom. (call now!!)
Kala Massage
211 East 43rd St. @ 3rd Av.
1 646 294 7646
1 800 476 7979
Are you an iPhone Lover?
Even if you're not, you can still impress with your tech savvy if you know about:

Must Haves
iTrans NYC
Mobile Pro
Weather Bug
Dial Zero

Hexlok- by Tunaverse Games, a Touch Fitness client. Have a long commute? This game will idle away tons of time while you work on manual dexterity and pattern recognition skills! .99

iFitness- portable fitness system, handy, easy to use, exercise pics included. It won't correct your form or tell you when you can handle more, but a terrific complement to your trainer and makes and excellent travel companion. $1.99
Yoga Trainer Lite- built with love- free!
Lose It!- set a daily caloric budget and track progress- free!
Medical Abbreviations- over 14,000 abbreviations .99

Surf Report- by Oakley- free!
Mastihashop Crazy Cool NY Store of the Month
Mastihashop New York, Voyage to the East Mediterranean

Mastiha is the natural and rare tree resin of the pistacia lentiscus var Chia tree. Scientific research has shown that this resin has anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory qualities.

Artemis, one of the sisters who owns this shop, show and telled her mastiha goodies to me in the most loving way. She is steeped in authentic Greekness and mastiha knowledge and is the person to ask questions to! You will find in her shop eye candy, excellent gifts and new stuff to check out for a huge range of prices. From chewing gum to cherry syrup this store is the crazy coolest NY store of the month!

New York mastihashop
145 Orchard St
Crisp Restaurant Restaurant Review
Crisp Double Deal

Crisp Restaurant
Crisp deals out double the food from 3-10pm and even when they don't, their falafel is a decent mouthful. The service was friendly, they gave me an extra piping hot pita (cause I get hungry after 2-3 massages) and they turned down the a/c when I asked them to! So even though a falafel platter was about $10-11, it was fresh, tasty, nice to look at and I was happy and well fed.

How to take advantage. Go to: Click on Special Offers. Enter your name and email, click submit. Print coupons. Thanks Sharla!

684 Third Avenue at 43rd Street.
Catering 212-661-0000

Jewelry for the Inner Goddess

When is the last time you felt like a sylph, a queen and a goddess? 
Guenevere Rodriquez JewelryGuenevere Rodriguez Jewelry Ph: Rodd Marcus

When was the last time you changed your blouse to match your jewelry?
Guenevere Rodriquez Jewelry

When was the last time your ran back in because you felt naked without your favorite piece of jewelry?
Guenevere Rodriquez Jewelry

Guenevere Rodriquez New York
309 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn
exhale spa logo How Do You Get a Free Massage?
Sherrin is Looking Spa-out for You!

New Spa Membership
Exhale just introduced a really terrific new spa membership. Ask about it when you call for your appointment with me. You can also reserve your own appointment online at, click on "reserve online now" and follow the sign in instructions. 

I know you love coming to me at my cozy, comfy & private home-office and many of you love having massage in the comfort of your own home, but sometimes you want a spa experience or you may want an appointment when I am scheduled at Exhale Spa. If you are completely new to Exhale, I am happy to have been able to have arranged for you a one time discount for any TouchFitness, not-yet exhale guests. Mention promo code TECHREF at time of check out from Exhale spa and receive 25% off a spa service and a comp class! For a facial I recommend Mila or Brian, they are both gentle, knowledgeable and steady-handed. Shh, pass it on!
15Min Abs Image Get Stoked, The Book

STOKED: THE EVOLUTION OF ACTION SPORTS, the book depicting a visual history of the world's most exciting sports, celebrates the daring and fearlessness, beauty and glory, speed and agility of athletes who defy the laws of nature and the limits of sanity through dramatic, awe-inspiring images and bright, bold graphics.

Mention Promo Code TOUCHFITNESS to get Our Price: $62.50
List Price: $125.00
S & H: $12.95

More Info: Daniel Stark
Stark Design
Save $25
When was your last massage? 
It's time to get back to your body.

Now through the end of June 2009, get $25 off any 50minute service or $100 off a ten pack.
Print this offer to redeem and call for your appointment now!

*Offer cannot be combined with other offers, not applicable at Exhale or other spas and may not be redeemed for cash.

Offer Expires: June 30, 2009
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