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June 2008

Recovering Your Lost Harvests!


    Prayer Partners; isn't partnership a wonderful thing? A mystery in God's universe like the laws of gravity; we may not understand how it all works but it does! Praise God.
    2007 was prophesied to be a year of heaven, but to many it was a hellish mixture of defeat and turmoil where people found themselves deep in a hole of economic depression and challenge. Heaven poured out both blessing and judgement! That is what torrential rains do. Crops ripen and if the rains are severe enough the roots are exposed as the dirt washes away!
    2008 is a year of New Beginnings; a new era, a time of breakthrough.
    I was reminded recently of Chuck Yeager's amazing tenacity to cling to the hope of breaking the sound barrier in Marc One back in the early days of space aeronautic experiments. He nearly died trying in a crash. But he didn't give up! And YOU CAN'T GIVE UP EITHER!
    Chuck clung to that hope with certainty and attempted the feat again. As his plane neared the breaking point of the sound barrier, it shook violently,shattering the glass on his control panel in the cockpit. He could hardly keep his wits about him as everything began to spin out of control. But suddenly, just when the death of the vision seemed more certain than victory, he reached the BREAKTHROUGH! And gliding through the sound barrier, everything was suddenly serene and calm beyond his wildest dreams and a whole new era of aviation was born!
    Sacrifice makes a way for others to effortlessly follow in the victory. Rise up and be one that sows and claims that breaker anointing!
    This is the year to live in God's best for the church. It's time to come out of any hole swinging until the devil's flattened and walk away in victory the rest of our Christian Life!
    We MUST DECIDE to have this victorious attitude. Christians who don't will never come out of the hole Satan's tried to keep them in.
    To many, debts and unpaid bills are one of the deepest holes they are in. They regret never having enough to give to ministries and the works that are in their hearts because the money is gone before all the bills are paid. IT IS TIME TO CHANGE THAT!
    Stop and think about the offerings given above the tithe last year alone and you may wonder why you didn't get the hundred fold return or even the ten fold return. What happened? Satan held back the harvest of blessing.
    You can proclaim whatever you are desiring or needing from your seeds sown in the past and here is why: Meditate on these scriptures! Print them and speak them out every day!
2nd Kings 4:8-17
Elijah asked a woman who hosted him if there was a need she had. Whatever she needed she could have it because of her giving. This lady was able to bear a child because of her sowing into the prophet's life in her time of barrenness. Later the same child died as satan tried to rob her and the prophet raised him from the dead, all because of her offering or seed through the man of God to God.
Phillippians 4:19
Paul said that God would supply all of our needs according to His riches in Glory. That's not just money , but whatever you need from your financial see, even raising one from the dead.
Acts 9:39
Dorcas was raised from the dead because of all of her good works for others.
Acts 10:4
Cornelius saw his whole family saved because of his giving and prayers while he was yet a sinner. What a harvest he received off of his giving! Go back and claim yours from the days before you were saved!
Matthew 26:7-13
Mary broke an alabaster box of ointment that was so valuable that it caused Judas to ask Jesus, "Why wasn't this used to help the poor?" But her offering brought on such a harvest that her brother Lazarus who was also a great giver and supporter of Jesus' ministry, to be raised from the dead in John 11:43  Like so many who received miracles, it was a harvest from seed sown all through their lives.
Luke 7:2-4
The centurion's servant was dying, but because of his giving, even the people said, "He is worthy of this miracle." They saw that he had built them a synagogue in his day and had given and given
Just like these people, you have more harvest coming back on your seed through the years.
Ephesians 3:20
"Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imaging, according to his power that is at work within us,"
I agree with your thoughts, desires and needs being met as part of your harvest from past seeds that were sown, in Jesus Mighty Name!
Don't allow your harvest to just sit there. Reach into the spiritual realm and bring it into the natural by your faith today. Thank you for the seed you have sown into good ground here at Harvest Projects International. The Ground Zero Prayer Shield, The Boston Bless Israel Coalition, the Morning Song Radio show are all outreach projects that appreciate your giving and are good ground for your seed to reap a great harvest!
We are reaching the world together for Christ! Why not sow another seed right now and claim the return before the mail reaches us.
Evangelizing for Jesus,
60 years
Dr. Shelli Jones Baker
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