SafeMinds introduces its new flu vaccine campaign to get the mercury out!

Why settle for toxic flu shots when there is an alternative?  Flu vaccine manufacturers claim they can produce enough flu shots without mercury to protect those that need them but because the ones with mercury are slightly cheaper, health care providers continue to order flu vaccines with mercury.  It is time for consumers to demand mercury-free vaccines.  Isn't your health worth more than a dollar or two?

 The public is at risk and we have three great resources to get this message out:

1. youtubeVisit the SafeMinds Youtube channel to see our new flu vaccine videos.  There is a 30-second video with the basic message and a 3-minute version with more detail.  Share the links on facebook, tweet them, embed them on your web page or blog. 

 2010 flu cover

2.  Order a packet of our free flu vaccine brochures to distribute.  Click here to orderClick here to download.

3.    Visit the new flu vaccine information pages on our website.  It is your one-stop information center for finding a mercury-free flu vaccines and other pertinent information.


  • Between 80% and 90% of the flu shots in any given year still contain thimerosal.  Most consumers remain unaware that these vaccines still contain mercury.  We receive regular reports that it can be difficult to find flu shots without mercury.
  • The recommended ages for flu shots continue to be expanded.  In 2002, the CDC began recommending flu shots for all pregnant women as well as infants 6-23 months of age.  Then, in 2004, the CDC recommended that children aged 2-5 receive flu shots.  Today, in 2010, flu shots are recommended for everyone, regardless of age or risk factors.

  • Even in the states that have passed laws limiting the use of mercury-containing vaccines in young children and pregnant women, there are loopholes that allow their use in "emergency" situations, such as last year's H1N1 pandemic.

We need your help to spread this information to everyone you know. Over the next 5 days, we will be asking you to take 5 easy steps:

Today - Monday - Step 1

videofrontWatch the videos and forward this link http://www.safemindsflu.org to everyone in your address book.  There is no one who doesn't need to know this information.  Ask your friends and family to forward it to everyone they know.  Wouldn't you want to know?


fb shadow

Tuesday - Step 2 


Use social media to spread the word.  Post a link on y our Facebook p age to the website or videos and send a tweet to your followers.

 Wednesday - Step 3 

Order our free flu vaccine brochure and distribute it to your doctors, pharmacists, nurses, hospitals, family and friends.  This is particularly critical for pediatricians and obstetricians/gynecologists. Click here to order.

Thursday - Step 4

If you have press contacts, you can help us find public service announcement placements or work for a retailer that supplies flu shots, pleasnave contact us.

Friday - Step 5:  Be sure to visit our flu website: safemindsflu.org to check out all the resources we  have available to you.

Thank You For Taking Action to Help Stop the Needless Injection of Mercury into Healthy People!  We appreciate your time!

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