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Good interview techniques are important to the process of selecting top talent.  Read on for interview tips and suggestions. 

- Ann Clifford, President

Dos & Don'ts    


"When interviewing candidates, should each candidate be asked the same questions?"


                       (Answer provided at the end of the newsletter.)

Interviews: Cut to the Core


Interviews are like apples.  You need to cut through the outer layers to reach the core.  Do you feel you truly know a candidate after an interview?  Can you make a good hiring decision based on your interview process?  Enjoy this humorous video, "Tough Interview", to see how NOT to conduct an interview.

Avoid Hiring Mistakes: 4 Interview Tips


Have you ever fallen in love at first sight when interviewing a candidate?  Ok, not real love, but perhaps had that instant rapport that made you "like" this person.  You know the feeling . . . easy person to talk with, had common interests, know the same friends, went to the same school, etc. You cancel the next two office interviews, and extend an offer.  Two weeks later the new employee quits because he accepted another offer.  What went wrong?  Here are 4 tips to keep you from pulling the trigger on a hiring decision too soon.


1)  Never interview just one candidate.

2)  Ask interview questions based on the key accountabilities for the position.

3)  Have at least 5 conversations with a candidate before making an offer (i.e. phone interview, office interview, 2nd interview, follow-up phone interview, trial close conversation)

4)  Seek outside consultation on final candidates for an independent, objective viewpoint.

Safari Interview Tip 

Stop asking cliché interview questions (i.e. "Tell me about yourself." or "What are your biggest strengths/weaknesses?")  Job seekers have become well-trained to answer these questions to the hiring manager's liking.  Use the interview time to gather information about past behaviors and experiences that support the key accountabilities of the job.

Answer to Today's Dos & Don'ts  


"When interviewing candidates, should each candidate be asked the same questions?"



As a general rule, you should prepare an interview question guide for each position.  Each role should have specific behavioral questions targeted to their key accountabilities.  The guide helps the interviewer stay focused and provides a basis of comparison among candidates.  However, based on the candidate's response, be prepared to ask follow-up questions if the candidate does not clearly answer a question or in areas that require further due diligence. 
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