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What's Money Got To Do With It?    

If you were asked in an interview how much money you make, do you share this information openly?  If you are buying a car and the sales rep asks you what your budget is, do you tell him?   If you answered "no" to either one of these questions, it is possible that you may be uncomfortable talking about money. Read More

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Featured SalesScore Candidates 


SalesScore: 76


Industry: Education

Years of Experience: 15+

Territory Size: Metropolitan

Sales Production: $100K - $500K

SalesScore: 73


Industry: Real Estate Development

Years of Experience: 10+

Territory Size: Multi-State

Sales Production: $101K - 500K


SalesScore: 89


Industry: Multi-Media/Marketing

Years of Experience: 10+

Territory Size: National

Sales Production: $1M+

SalesScore: 86


Industry: Construction

Years of Experience: 10+

Territory Size: National

Sales Production: $1M+

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SalesScore brings the best of both recruiting worlds together . . . process & placement.  Using Safari's Tiger Eye Hiring™ process as the foundation, SalesScore reduces your hiring risk and increases your sales results.

What makes SalesScore different? 

1)      Objective:  Candidates must meet stringent SalesScore criteria.

2)      Excellence:  Only 1 in 9 sales candidates pass our evaluation. (Must score above 60)

3)      Simplicity:  Select from our SalesScore network or customize your search.


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