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Demand for IT talent is outpacing supply. In your quest to compete for IT talent, how do you avoid making hiring mistakes? How do you select people who fit your company's culture? Read on for tips in understanding and evaluating techies.

- Ann Clifford, President

Dos & Don'ts    


"Can an employer fire an employee for "liking" a page or comment on Facebook that is derogatory towards the company?"


                       (Answer provided at the end of the newsletter.)

Decoding Techies


On a DISC profile, many IT professionals score high on compliance and low on sociability. They are likely to be analytical and unemotional. Programmers may sit quietly at their desk for hours without need for interaction with others. So, how do you communicate and interact with techies? Consider these tips:

  • Speak the truth.
  • Provide lots of facts.
  • Encourage with defined outcomes and timelines.
  • Talk at a slower pace and be patient for response.

4 Tips to Select IT Winners


How do you evaluate and select the right IT talent for your company during the interview process? What if you need your programmers and software engineers to be good technicians, yet also communicate well with team members and clients? Follow these simple interview strategies to evaluate their strengths:

  1. Assess candidates with IT practice exams.
  2. Ask about past accomplishments that demonstrate expertise.
  3. Perform technical interviews and soft skill interviews.
  4. Conduct behavioral assessments to gauge how they may communicate with others.
Safari Interview Tip 

If you do not have a technology background, ask a current IT employee or IT consultant to participate in the interview. Prepare and ask technical questions that are specific to the role. Encourage your IT employee to ask follow up questions for clarification

Answer to Today's Dos & Don'ts  


"Can an employer fire an employee for "liking" a page or comment on Facebook that is derogatory towards the company?"



Yes. Recently, a federal judge ruled that clicking "like" does not amount to expressive speech. In other words, this is not the same as actually writing out a message and posting it on the site, which does fall under First Amendment protection.

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