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Promotions are a sweet reward for employees who perform well. Yet, promoting your star sales rep to a sales management role could backfire. Read on for reasons why.

                                                    - Ann Clifford, President  
Dos & Don'ts    


If I promote someone to management and realize it was a mistake, can I demote them to their previous position?


                       (Answer provided at the end of the newsletter.)


5 Differences: Sales vs. Sales Managers

Joe is amazing at sales. He has outstanding relationships with clients and always exceeds his annual sales goals. He'd be ideal for management, right? Not necessarily. Here are five distinguishing factors that could make your Sales Superstar a bad fit for a Sales Manager role.


Sales Superstar
Sales Manager
Focused on the SaleFocused on Sales Process
Individual GoalsTeam Goals
Detail ChallengedOrganized


It is not uncommon for top salespeople to move into management and within a couple of years seek a new opportunity - in sales. Understand the aspirations of your salespeople and assess their behaviors carefully before promoting from within. 

4 Ways to Prepare a New Sales Manager


When shifting a sales professional to a Sales Manager role, consider it a "job change" more than a "promotion." The skill set and responsibilities are uniquely different.  And, it is common that new Sales Managers exchange commission upside for a higher base salary, often resulting in less total compensation.  Here are 4 tips for a successfully transition:

  • Use a sales management assessment to evaluate the new manager's behavior strengths and weaknesses.
  • Counsel the new manager on shifting their relationships with former peers and provide steadfast support.
  • Provide sales management training and ongoing mentoring through a credible trainer or organization.
  • Set specific goals and objectives, and establish clear expectations.
Safari Interview Tip 

When interviewing sales management candidates, ask, "Who was your best sales manager and why?" Generally candidates will describe how they like to be managed.  And, often they will manage the same way.

Answer to Today's Dos & Don'ts  


If I promote someone and realize it was a mistake, can I demote them to their previous position?


Answer: Yes, but be careful for two reasons. 1) Demoting people linked to a protected federal group, such as people over 40, could open the door to a lawsuit if not handled properly. Be sure there is a clear performance reason for the demotion that is well documented. 2) Demotions frequently result in disgruntled, negative employees. Make sure the employee is on board with the decision. If not, termination may be the better answer than a demotion.

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