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Managing employees is tough, but managing sales reps is even tougher.  Ask a business owner if he enjoys managing his sales force and most will emphatically say, "No!"  Read on for sales management tips that could make your life easier.    


                                                    - Ann Clifford, President  
Dos & Don'ts    


"If you need a high energy person that you can train to sell your way, can you designate in a job ad that you want a "recent" college graduate?"


                       (Answer provided at the end of the newsletter.)


4 Reasons Why Sales Reps are Hard to Manage

Wearing a Sales Manager hat can be one of the must challenging roles a business owner assumes.  Why?  Managing sales people is a lot like parenting teenagers.  Your sales reps may challenge the rules (do it their way).  Or, they may be reluctant to do their chores (complete sales call reports).  And, each rep may behave differently!


Top Challenges:

  • Sales reps push business owners outside their comfort zone.
  • Sales reps are demanding - they ask for the moon.
  • Sales reps need training and mentoring which may not be the business owner's strength.
  • Sales reps don't "follow" well.

If you find these challenges unsettling, it might be time to hire a sales manager who can keep a watchful eye on your sales team and exercise discipline in your sales process.  Why do something you don't enjoy?  If you don't enjoy it, you will probably avoid it.

Top Sales Reps Make Lousy Sales Managers


Companies often promote successful sales reps into sales management.  While this may sound logical, it is frequently a recipe for failure. Why? The strengths required are significantly different.


Sales management:

  • Supervising, delegating, coaching and leading.
  • Filtering directives, prioritizing, negotiating, and making decisions.
  • Predicting and tracking sales performance, hiring, and firing.

Outside sales:

  • Creating business opportunities, prospecting, and identifying needs.
  • Developing relationships, networking, cold calling and closing.
  • Working a sales system and tracking individual activity 

Rockstar sales reps are impatient, competitive, and independent.  Think twice before turning your sales performers into sales managers!  

Safari Interview Tip 

At the beginning of an interview, ask the candidate what he knows about your company.  If the candidate seems vague about your company, this could be an indication that he might go unprepared into customer meetings.   

Answer to Today's Dos & Don'ts

"If you need a high energy person that you can train to sell your way, can you designate in a job ad that you want a "recent" college graduate?"


No, you should not make reference to a "recent" college graduate as it may be construed as age discrimination. Simply state the candidate must have a college degree.  You could also add that you are willing to train. 

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What percent of reps promoted to sales manager will not last two years in the role and will return to a sales position?


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