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In order to hire right, you must first know what you are hiring for.  What do you want accomplished and how will you know it?  Read on for tips on how to hire your superstar performer.
                                                    - Ann Clifford, President  
Dos & Don'ts 
Can you hire a candidate for a position without a formal job description? 
                       (Answer provided at the end of the newsletter.)


Defining the Job 
When new hires do not perform it is often because of mismatched expectations between the employer and the employee.  Before you hire, be sure everyone clearly understands the job and expected accomplishments. 

There are two key criteria you need to determine before hiring.  1)  What do I want this person to accomplish?  And, 2) How will I know if they have succeeded?
Paint a clear picture of the job by defining the following:
Responsibilities:  Overall goals and desired accomplishments.
:  Required activities with benchmark goals.
Work relationships:  How this position interacts with other roles.

Two Costly Job Fit Mistakes

Hiring your first sales manager or operations manager can be tricky.  It is not uncommon for business owners to hire the wrong person mainly due to an ill-defined job position.  

Two key factors affect a good hire.  1)  Can they do the job? And, 2) Will they do the job?  Newly hired managers can easily become disillusioned if the position does not tap into their expertise and their expectations.  Ask yourself the following questions to help define the roles better. 
  > What are the top 3-4 key responsibilities?
  > What changes in systems or processes need to take place?
  > What difficulties might be encountered with existing staff?
  > What are the benchmarks or timelines for achieving new initiatives?
Safari Interview Tip 
Put together a list of goals and objectives for the employee's first 30, 60, & 90 days. Present these expectations to potential candidates and ask them to select which activities they will find the most challenging and most exciting. Then, ask them to discuss similar work situations they have experienced in the past.


How to Write a Position Performance Profile

"The first step is not to write the job description until you clearly understand the job and responsibilities."

Drew Smith, HR Consultant
Safari Solutions

Download A Position Performance Profile Sample
Answer to Today's Dos & Don'ts 


Can you hire a candidate for a position without a formal job description?


Yes, there are no laws that require a formal job description.  However a document that outlines responsibilities and goals can mitigate your employment risk.  A job description helps defend against charges of employment discrimination, by giving  objective standards for hiring and termination decisions.  And, job descriptions that also include measureable performance objectives set clear expectations that will improve the employer/employee relationship.

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Do you trust your gut in making hiring decisions or do you rely on objective data? 
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Every individual that we have hired through Safari Solutions has turned out successful."
Sally Stevens, President
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According to the Harvard Business Review, what is the number one reason people leave their jobs? 


A.   More Money

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