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Technical skills are often the first requirements that hiring managers mention when recruiting new employees, yet soft skills matter too!  Read on for ideas on how to augment technical skills with the right soft skills. 
                                                    - Ann Clifford, President  
Dos & Don'ts
Should a company perform assessments before or after a candidate is interviewed?

                       (Answer provided at the end of the newsletter.)


3 Keys to the Right Soft Skills
Soft skills, non-technical competencies such as critical thinking, communication, emotional intelligence, and integrity are essential to job performance success.  Identity the most important soft skills for your company by considering the following:

Position Type:  Strategic or tactical?  Supervisory or non-supervisory?  Internal or external customer interface?
Culture:  What does your company value?  Quality, Accountability, Integrity?
Stage of Business:  Entrepreneurial with rapid change?  Mature with standardized processes and procedures?
I Think They Can . . . But Will They
Evaluating soft skills is more difficult than technical skills.  For instance, ambition and drive are the top criteria for sales performance.  But, how do you measure ambition and drive?  Fortunately, there are assessment tools that provide valuable insights that take the guessing game out of the equation.  
Behavioral assessments measure a candidate's natural behaviors and competencies against position profiles specific to a type of role.  Quantifiable information will help you make educated hiring decisions. 
Safari Interview Tip 
Ask a candidate, "When have your communication skills resulted in an achievement that otherwise would not have happened?"  Probe further for details specific to the situation.  


Safari Success Story

"Safari Solutions has been very valuable in helping us source the right candidates."

- Scott Cunningham Partner at Crossroads Business Solutions
Answer to Today's Dos & Don'ts 

Should a company perform assessments before or after a candidate is interviewed?


A combination of assessments and interviews are important to get a complete picture of a candidate before a hire is made.  Consider both the value of your time and the desired engagement of the candidate when deciding what to do first.  If the assessments are difficult or lengthy, it is best to talk with the candidate and "sell them" on the opportunity before requesting that they take the assessment.  However, if the assessments are simple to take and to administer, you can save valuable time and energy by eliminating candidates early.

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When assessing job candidates, what is the #1 soft skill employers desire?


A.   Analytical

B.   Communication

C.   Teamwork

D.   Technical 

E.   Work Ethic  


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