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Author Taught More Than the 7 Habits
Dr. Stephen Covey
Dr. Stephen R. Covey
By Steve Eaton

The first time I saw Stephen R. Covey he was surrounded by people seeking his autograph.

I don't think any of them wanted it as a keepsake or something they might be tempted to resell to a collector. They just hoped they would be able to get into in his very crowded class and needed him to sign an add slip that gave them permission to come even though the class was full. I was one of those students.

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New Approach Will Emphasize Entrepreneurial Leadership
By Klydi Heywood

Konrad S. Lee wants the Huntsman MBA program to teach students all that they must be, not just know, to become successful entrepreneurs.

Revamping the Huntsman MBA curriculum over the past year has been a first step in that process, according to Prof. Lee, director of the Huntsman School of Business MBA program.

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Students in Presenting
Students will get more hands-on experience in the MBA program as they become entrepreneurial leaders.
USU MBA Program to be Offered in Rexburg
BYU Idaho Campus
The BYU-Idaho campus
By Steve Eaton

This January it will become much easier for people in the Rexburg, Idaho, area to become Aggies.

In July 2012, the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business announced it had come to an agreement with Brigham Young University-Idaho that will allow students the opportunity to obtain a Utah State University Master of Business Administration degree on the Rexburg campus.

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Throry Meets Reality
He Was a Trooper, Turned Consultant, for Television's CHiPs
Larry Wilcox, (left), and Erik Estrada were stars of ChiPs in the 1970's, but the man in the middle was a real California Highway Patrolman. Robert Hayden, who now works at the Huntsman School of Business, served as a stunt double for Larry Wilcox.
By Robert Hayden, associate director & advisor of MIS Graduate Programs

It was a day that changed my career in law enforcement forever and I didn't even see it coming.

In January of 1975, I went to work one day, expecting to spend another day as a California Highway Patrol officer, never imagining that I'd be involved in a fake motorcycle chase that would connect me to the most famous fictitious highway motorcycle troopers of all time. I could not have known that because of one crazy thing I did, footage of me riding my motorcycle would become the introduction to a weekly television show that ran for six years.

It all started after our afternoon briefing when my sergeant asked my partner, Bruce Wiedmer, and I to step into his office. There we met a man, Rick Rosner, who was planning on creating a new television show about California Highway Patrol officers.

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