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Time Magazine "Person of the Year" Shares Her Story
Cynthia Cooper
Cynthia Cooper
It was the biggest fraud in business history, starting at $3.8 billion, rising to $9 billion, and ultimately resulting in an $11 billion financial restatement. 70,000 people lost their jobs. Five executives went to prison, including the man who became a national household name, WorldCom CEO Bernie Ebbers. And all that was just within the company-investors lost $38 billion. Click here for more.
Newest Jon M. Huntsman Visiting Professor Arrives
A professor long-recognized for financial market research which has led to key changes in trading on the New York Stock Exchange has agreed to become a Jon M. Huntsman Presidential Visiting Professor.

Hank Bessembinder, who graduated from the Huntsman School of Business in 1977 with a business major and an economics minor, plans to visit and conduct seminars for students and faculty in November, January, and February. Click here for more.
Hank Bessembinder
Hank Bessembinder
Dell Loy and Lynnette Hansen Help Hundreds of Students
Dell Loy Hansen
Dell Loy Hansen
A successful Logan entrepreneur told Huntsman students recently if they did two things, they could find success in business, even when the economy is struggling.

Dell Loy Hansen said they just needed to find something they could do "faster, better, and cheaper." And he said once they figure out what they are going to do, they need to trust their instincts and act. Click here for more.
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