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  Miriam Delphin-Rittmon, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs within Connecticut's Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.  

State's Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services
Taps Psychiatry Professor to Head Office of Multicultural Affairs

In 2009, a Yale survey found substantial racial and ethnic disparities among Connecticut mental health inpatient services. Relative to other groups, African Americans were more likely to drop out of treatment against medical advice, despite being more likely to self-refer for inpatient care.


Tasked with responding to these and other disparities is the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) within Connecticut's Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS). In February of this year Commissioner Patricia Rehmer appointed Miriam Delphin-Rittmon, PhD, Assistant Professor in Yale's Department of Psychiatry, to head this important office.
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Connecticut Mental Health Center Celebrates 45 Years

CMHC Logo 162 x 100This year marks the 45th anniversary of the Connecticut Mental Health Center (CMHC), an enduring and historic partnership between Connecticut's Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) and Yale's Department of Psychiatry. 

The CMHC Foundation will host a celebration on Thursday, November 3rd, and the Department is marking the milestone by giving away six copies of Dr. Selby Jacobs's recent book, Inside Public Psychiatry, to individuals who follow us on Twitter, "like" us on Facebook, or join our LinkedIn group. Details 

Exploring Resilience with Dr. Ruth Westheimer

Dr. Ruth Westheimer may best be known for having pioneered explicit talk about sex on radio and television, but that is only a small part of her rich life. At a recent event sponsored by the Department at the Yale Club of New York City, Dr. Westheimer shared the challenges she has faced with a rapt audience. The evening's theme was the personal experience and science of resilience. Read more 

To Ditch Dessert, Feed the Brain
Sinha Research 10_2011

Brain imaging scans show that when glucose levels drop, an area of the brain known to regulate emotions and impulses loses the ability to dampen desire for high-calorie food, according to a study published in The Journal of Clinical InvestigationRajita Sinha, PhD, Foundations' Fund Professor of Psychiatry, is one of the senior authors of the research. Read more 

Immigration Clinic, a Collaboration Between Yale's Law School and Department of Psychiatry, Aids Asylum Seekers
ILS,Refugees,162x100The Immigration Legal Services (ILS) clinic helps clients from dangerous regions of the world gain legal status in the United States. ILS refers most of its clients for psychiatric consultation, and the files compiled by the forensic psychiatrists often prove pivotal in the court ruling. Read more


Stopping Meds During Pregnancy Does Not Increase Risk of Depression

Women who discontinue using antidepressants during pregnancy do not appear to have greater risk of having a depressive episode during and after term than those who continue using medications, a new Yale study shows. The lead author of the report is Kimberly Yonkers, MD, Professor of Psychiatry. Read more 

When You Really, Really Have To Go: Study Wins Ig Nobel Prize

Ig Nobel Prize PhotoPast winners include scientists who found that asthma symptoms can be treated with a roller coaster ride and veterinarians who reported cows with names give more milk than those without. Robert Pietrzak, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Yale, joined this elite company as a co-winner of one of ten 2011 Ig Nobel Prizes honoring "science that makes people laugh and then makes them think." Read more 

Forensic Statement Analysis Effective in Determining Veracity of Eyewitness Accounts

Journal of Forensic Sciences Cover 162x100A study led by Charles Morgan III, MD published in September's Journal of Forensic Sciences suggests that truthful statements of eyewitness accounts of highly stressful events differ from those of deceptive statements. Forensic Statement Analysis may prove effective in real-world circumstances and have relevance to professionals in law enforcement, security, and criminal justice. Read more 

Yale Psychiatry Mourns the Loss of Casey Ribicoff

Ribicoff,Casey,162X100The Yale Department of Psychiatry mourns the passing of Casey Ribicoff, beloved widow of Senator Abraham A. Ribicoff. The Ribicoffs figure prominently in the history of the Department through the establishment of the Connecticut Mental Health Center (CMHC) and Ribicoff Research Facilities. Read more 

Attention Faculty: Update Your Web Profile

Yale ShieldFaculty profiles are the most visited section of our Department's web site. Each month, thousands view these profiles by clicking through our faculty lists or via search engine queries. Every member of the Department's ladder, research, voluntary (clinical), and adjunct faculty has a public profile. Log into the profile system to make updates, or email with any questions.

Alumni Spotlight 

Psychiatrist Alum and Wife Sponsors Scholarship for Medical Students Who Have Attained Distinction in Arts and Humanities
David and Colleen Leof

David Leof, MD, YSM Class of 1964, a Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, and a psychoanalyst and psychiatrist in private practice in San Francisco was encouraged to go into psychiatry by then Dean Frederick C. Redlich, MD. Leof's wife, Colleen, is an accomplished artist whose work has appeared in numerous solo and group exhibitions. Read more 

More alumni in the news:
  • The International Society of Psychiatric Genetics (ISPG) has named Kenneth Kendler, MD, alum of Yale's psychiatry residency, a recipient of the 2011 ISPG Ming Tsuang Lifetime Achievement Award. Dr. Kendler is currently Professor of Psychiatry, and of Human and Molecular Genetics in the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine. Read more   
  • Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro recently toured Molecular Neuro-Imaging, LLC to learn how the company has benefitted from its participation in the Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) program. Co-founder and current president of the company, John Seibyl, MD, trained as a post-doctoral fellow in the Department and held a faculty appointment as an Assistant Professor. Read more 

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CNN Health: "Depressed People Often Hide Symptoms From Doctors" 

"I was actually surprised that even more people didn't feel that it was a burden to talk to their doctor." . . . "The emotional aspect is only a small part. Physicians need to consider these other symptoms, and ask some pointed questions. That may eventually lead to more diagnoses."

Gerard Sanacora, PhD, MD, Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Yale Depression Research Program at CMHC, in response to a survey of California adults that found 43% keep depression symptoms to themselves during a doctor's appointment. 

Upcoming Grand Rounds

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Friday, October 7, 2011; 10:15 am

Being a Psychiatrist Among Surgeons: Toward Partnership in Research and Clinical Practice

Lee,Ben,Headshot,100x145Hochang (Ben) Lee, MD; Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine; Director, Psychological Medicine Services, Yale-New Haven Hospital 

CMHC Auditorium, 34 Park St

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Friday, October 14, 2011; 10:15 am

Substance Abuse Disorders in DSM-5: Empirical Basis for the Proposed Revisions

Bucholz,Kathleen,GRKathleen Bucholz, PhD; Professor of Psychiatry, Washington University in St. Louis

CMHC Auditorium, 34 Park St

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Friday, October 21, 2011; 10:15 am

Title: TBA

Xu,Tian,Headshot,100x145pxTian Xu, PhD; Professor of Genetics, Yale School of Medicine; Director, Yale Center for Functional Genomics

CMHC Auditorium, 34 Park St

Friday, October 28, 2011; 10:15 am

The Skinny on Nicotine: How Nicotinic Acetycholine Receptors Regulate Appetite

Picciotto,Maneur,CompositePhotoMarina Piciotto, PhD; Professor of Psychiatry, Neurobiology, and Pharmacology, Assistant Chair for Basic Science Research in Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine | Yann Mineur, PhD; Associate Research Scientist in Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine

CMHC Auditorium, 34 Park St

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