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February 2012



Happy New Year!


   2012 ... Who could imagine how fast it arrived! Wasn't Y2K just a couple of years ago?? How can the years fly by when we're not gettig any older? Are we??

   Well 2011 was a great year here at the Resort. We've made many new friends, got to visit with current friends and, unfortunately, share the Rainbow Bridge with our devoted and deeply loved friends.

   We have had great success with our new "e"newsletter format and thank you for sharing with your friends. We are taking an even bigger step into the technology age with a new Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Blogger program. It will take a few months before we are up and running and will send out a special notice to "friend" you and the like. Look out Bill Gates!

   A lot of you have a new puppy, or know of someone with a new one, and we started a new program last year called our Puppy Grooming Training Program. If you think about it, grooming can be a scary process for puppies ... Scissors, snipping, clipper motor running, brushes, combs, nail clippers, ear cleaning, the dreaded anal gland check and express, bathing, drying, etc. There's a lot involved, so rather than overloading the newbie, we offer a three part grooming experience stretched out over 4 weeks. This allows us to slowly introduce all the equipment and to train good grooming behavior. If you take the time NOW your dog will have a pleasurable time and be a well behaved, well groomed dog for life. We can't tell you how many dogs are afraid of the clipper, afraid of the dryer, has to be muzzled ... it's not the experience we want our grooming dogs to have. It's frustrating for the dog and the groomer. So give our program a try!

Let's make it fun! Let's give nose kisses!! Let's enjoy our grooming experience!

   We try to make our newsletter informative as well as fun so this time we decided to address the pet obesity problem. According to the latest study, 53% of cats and 55% of dogs are overweight or obese. We make this New Years resolution for ourselves each year, so let's make one for our pet's health. More on this topic in the newsletter.

   Our Courtyard Condos will be closed for a few months for a facelift. Lot's of painting, new flooring, new bedding, etc. It should be up and running by May, if not before.

   As always we thank you for the opportunity to care for your pets. They always bring a warm glow to our hearts and bolster our souls so we can enjoy our lives and theirs.


Liza, Bill, Tanya, Jackie,

Pam, Tammy, Lexi, Sue, Matt and our family of furry staff ... Sunny, Ian, DeeDee Doodles, Gwennie, Spenser and T.C.


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Holiday Meal

 For those of you who wonder if the dogs like their "Holiday Meals" during Thanksgiving and Christmas ... well, a picture is worth a

thousand woofs! 


   Obesity continues to expand in both pets and people and weight loss is different for both. However, losing weight and getting in shape can add not only years to your pet but enjoyable healthy years.
Why a Healthy Weight is Important
   Even a few pounds overweight can affect your pet's health - both canine and feline. Some of the  common disorders associated with excess weight include:
   1-  Type 2 Diabetes
   2-  Respiratory and Heart disease
   3-  Osteoarthritis
   4-  High Blood Pressure
   5-   Cancer
   Further, overweight and obese pets are expected to live shorter lives and are more lethargic. Because they tend to lay around, it is easy to overlook illnesses as we attribute the lethargy as "nromal laziness" rather than a symptom of a disease.
Start with Caloric Intake
   For weight loss the formula seems simple: fewer calories in plus more calories out equals weight loss. Unfortunately it is not always that simple. For starters, if your pet is very obese, you should not start a diet unless you are under the supervision of a veterinarian. There might be a medical condition causing the excess weight such as hypothyroidism or Cushings disease.
The Art of Changing a Diet
   When introducing a new diet to your pet you should allow a week for the transition. Begin by substituting of the new diet mixed in the old diet for two days. Then mix 50/50 for two days, then 75/25 for an additional two days, then the final switch. This allows your pet's system to adapt to the change gradually with no or few side effects.
Exercise - the Right Way
   There is a difference between exercising your pet and taking the dog for a walk. Walking is a great exercise but it must be a "walk" not a sauntering along sniffing each bush. Hold the leash close and walk briskly with your dog and give commands such as "No Stop" if they want to pause. Start with short walks and gradually add more time. Another trick is to put the food bowl upstairs (if applicable) to encourage exercise going up and down the stairs which works for cats & dogs. Cats can be encouraged to play with feather teasers, laser lights and other toys.
Other Tips
   1-  Do not use self feeders. Measure the appropriate amount of food and give youe pet up to 30 minutes to eat and take up the food. Do not allow them to eat all day as the disgestive system is constantly working and doesn't rest the way it should. Potty breaks are easier to schedule after eating meals.
   2-  Walk your dog, go outside and play, pet and give them attention if they beg for food. You can take their mind off of food and give them attention instead ... a win/win for both parties.
   3-  Give vegetables such as baby carrots, broccoli,, celery or asparagus as a low calorie treat.
   4-  Offer fresh water instead of food.
Multi Pet Households
   Feed each pet separately, or in different rooms if needed, and watch to make sure each pet is eating their correct amount of food. When finished pick up the bowls so they cannot finish the other's food.
A Happy Ending ...
  Most pets will achieve their ideal weight within six to eight months. Some pets may need to go slower while others may shed the pounds more quickly. Remember that the reason for your efforts is to help you pet live a longer and healthier life. Our pet's don't understand that their excess weight is killing them. It is our stewardship to protect and nurture them. It is through your hard work that your pet can achieve its weight loss and fitness goals and have a happy ending in more ways than one.
"Ay Chihuahua, I'm ready to go jogging! "


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We are having a wonderful, warm winter here in Florida (which we all appreciate very much) and as a result have many dogs "blowing their coats" or shedding earlier than usual. Double coated or thick coated dogs need to have that dead hair removed so the skin can breathe and the new coat have room to come in properly. Matting, hot spots and even skin infections can occur if the dead hair is not brushed out and removed. Sue, our groomer, has a ton of experience doing this type of grooming and welcomes you to call for an appointment. See our before and after photos.

ungroomed1     groomed1

ungroomed2    groomed2

ungroomed3   groomed3