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Issue: #20


Personal Training at Blue Hills locations??


A One Question Survey To Help Us Decide...

On a pretty regular basis we are asked "Do you provide personal training services?". We have done a trial run in the past but it wasn't the run away success we thought it might be, but just because something doesn't work once, doesn't mean it won't work at all...right? The main issue for most people (other than actually exercising!) is the cost, so we have put together a simple survey...only one help is seeing what might be the right price for people to give personal training a try. To help us out, please click here to be taken to the survey. None of your personal information will be recorded and you only have to answer one simple question. Thanks for your help.

Fall Is Here...And So Are The Leaves!
Let the Raking Begin...

It's Fall in New England and we are just around the corner from "peak" foliage...which is then quickly followed by "peak" leaf raking time. Leaf raking can be one of the more time consuming and exhaustive jobs we do in our yards (aside from snow shoveling, but we won't talk about that now) and for people that are not used to physical activity and/or regular exercisers, the dynamics of raking can lead to strains and injuries to the back, shoulders, and wrists, etc according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS).

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that well over 100,000 people per year are treated in hospital emergency rooms, doctors' offices, clinics and other medical settings for injuries related to non-powered garden tools, including rakes. That number get's even higher when you start talking about lawnmowers, chipper shredders and leaf blowers. Raking requires a number of different activities, including twisting, bending, lifting, and reaching, that utilize several different muscle groups. Improper use of lawn tools along with the potential for tool-related accidents further compounds the risk of injury to the bones and muscles. For some simple tips for safer fall clean ups, click on the picture above...happy leaf raking!

Our Favorite Stretches for....
...Before And After Raking.

There are a few simple stretches that you can do that might just help keep you out of our office after tackling that monster pile of leaves in your back yard this fall. Click here to take you to a handout of those stretches. Happy Raking!

Everything You Wanted To Know About...
Patella Femoral Pain
Patella Femoral Pain or anterior knee pain is one of the most common reasons that people are referred to physical therapy (next to neck and back pain) and is something that is treated very successfully in most cases. At Blue Hills we take a comprehensive approach to the evaluation of your knee pain to make sure we address the causes...not just the symptoms. Click on the photo above to be taken our patient education information on Patella Femoral Pain. 

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