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Issue: #18


Olympic Edition
Watching the drama and excitement unfold as the 2012 Summer Games get underway can be very inspiring for people to put down the clickers and get outside and do something! Every Olympic season there is an "uptick" of people trying to get back into shape after watching world class athletes battle it out for the honor of their country (and some endorsement money of course!). This months newsletter will focus in on some of the more popular sports for people to jump into after watching the Olympic to warm up and stretch and common injuries associated with the sport. If you are looking for that "Olympian Workout" click on the Olympic Rings.



Dive right in...but be careful..

Watching world class swimmers competing in the Olympic Games can give you the impression that it is a sport for everyone...after all, how hard can it be? You swam as a kid, time to get out to your local pool and do a few dozen laps, right?? Wrong...time to do some proper stretching and ease back into the pool. To read about some proper stretching and common injuries associated with swimming, click on the photo above.

Bump, set, spike....ouch!!
Here is a sport that has come a long way from the beach and back yard cookouts that most people play it in. Watching these athletes jump, dive and sprint with ease in the sand will make you want to grab some friends, head to the beach and get a game going, right?? Well before you are ready to be "king of the beach" you may want to do some stretching and proper warm up and be prepared for exertion you will have when sprinting, diving and jumping in the sand...not to mention all the sore muscles the next day! To read about proper warm up, stretching and common injuries associated with volleyball click on the photo above.
Track & Field
On your marks...get set... 
Ever since man first learned to run, being the "fastest man on earth" has always been ultimate title. Now in earlier days, it meant you could outrun your fellow tribesmen as they were getting eaten by a sabertooth tiger and was essential to survival in pure Newtonian terms. Now it has more to do with science...raw speed and power. Watching athletes compete in the 100m is the the blink of an eye people sprinting down the track to victory or defeat. If this doesn't make you want to launch off the couch and go for a run, nothing will (except for maybe that sabertooth tiger!). Before you hit the starting line, read some warm up tips and common injuries by clicking the photo above.

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