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Issue: #17


Summer First Aid Tips


Summer is here! Time for back yard sports...and back yard injuries..

We hundreds of new patients each year that might have been able to avoid going to physical therapy if they had just taken the right steps immediately after injuring themselves. With summer and good weather comes more outdoor activities. With those activities, we also see more injuries. Here is a quick article that reviews what to do immediately after an acute injury. Following these steps could even keep you out of our be taken to the article, click on the picture above.

I Did What To Myself??
Medical terminology can be pretty confusing.
So, you just left the doctors office and you have been told you have a sprain, a strain or tendonitis...what is the difference and what do all these terms mean? We have put together a quick glossary for you to help you better understand what you have, what may have caused it. To get to the glossary just click on the photo above.
Our Favorite Stretches To Do At Work
Our modern workload and lifestyle can lead to tightness in to stop it.

Life has changed. In the distant past we gathered and hunted our food, carried water from a well for drinking and bathing, tilled and planted fields and then harvested them for the rewards. We would spend hours of every day on our feet: walking, bending, lifting, twisting, all the while working our muscles. Not exactly what most of us our doing today. The average work day for most of us now starts with an hour long commute each way sitting in a car, followed by 8-10 hours sitting in a chair. We order in our food, take shower in the comfort of our homes and then head to bed for a nights rest and get ready to repeat the whole process the next day. Many are exercising daily, but will an hour or so at the gym give you all the benefits of a day of work?


What we see quite regularly now are patterns of tightness (and weakness) that develop in people from having their muscles in static positions for long periods of time. How can you combat this?


Stretch at work. It's as simple as that...


The areas that we see people developing the most tightness are in their upper neck muscles, pectoral muscles, hamstrings and hip flexor muscles. Doing some simple stretches to these areas during the day will keep you more limber and may even prevent you from needing to come see us.


Click here for our favorite stretches to do at work....if you can't do them all, at least do a few!


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