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Issue: #16


Running vs Walking...Which is Better?


Depending on what your goals are the answer to the question may vary.

Patients are always asking this question...which would be "better for me". If "better" is defined as burning calories and improving cardiovascular health, than we might have a dead heat. To get the details, just click on the picture above to be taken to article written by Michael Vacon, PT this month.

Are You Ready To Ride?
So, you are ready to go on a bike ride...are you sure??
There are many things to think about when going out for a bike ride...not just staying upright and avoiding the traffic. Dave Mansfield, MSPT, CSCS tackles some of the more technical aspects of riding a bike...the ones that will keep you on the road or trails and keep you out of our offices. Click on the photo above to go to the article.
Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!
The simple way to avoid dehydration when exercising this summer...drink!

How much is too much, how much is too little? What should I drink, when should I drink it? Today there is an abundance of information about hydration out there and hundreds of products claiming to be the best or easiest to use. Water is everywhere and still the easiest. To get some hydration tips, click on the photo above.

Sun Protection for Athletes and Spectators
You only get one set of skin...protect it!
You can't open a health magazine today without reading that Melanoma is on the rise. It can be deadly and it can really be prevented if you follow some basic tips. The sunblock companies are making it easier with sprays and wipes, making them sweatproof, waterproof and very breathable and non-greasy. With it being so easy to use, there is no excuse not to use it...for your own health! Click on the photo above to be taken to some help tips.

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