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Chondromalacia Patella
A very common but very debilitating knee injury that  you can have is chondromalacia patella or patella femoral syndrome. It can make it impossible to run, jump, climb stairs, or even sit through a movie...basically it can affect everything you do. This is something we commonly treat with great success. For more information about Chondromalacia, click on the photo above. 
Do You Yelp?? 
Many people are turning to Yelp for feedback on services before they decided to use a new provider. If you have been happy with your care at Blue Hills, check us out on Yelp and give us a rating...we would really appreciate it. Click on the logo above.

Issue: #15


Getting In Shape For Summer...Not So Fast...


It's A Good Idea To Start Slow and Finish Strong When Getting Back in Shape

With the weather turning warmer and bathing suit season just around the corner, thoughts generally turn to getting "back in shape" for the summer. This month Dave Mansfield, MSPT,CSCS discusses some helpful tips and tricks for getting back in shape for the summer...safely! Click on the photo to the left to take you to Dave's article.

CrossFit...Bring It On!!
Two Of Our Staff Members Take On CrossFit...And Live To Write About It!!
One of the more popular trends in fitness right now is metabolic training in a group model...the most "famous" is CrossFit. The CrossFit gyms are popping up like dandelions everywhere, so Heather Edwards, LPTA and Jennifer Giuliano, MSPT decided to go try it out for themselves...and they loved it! To get their take on the fitness craze, click on the photo above.
Time For You To Take A Hike...Really!!
With Winter Behind Us And Spring In Full Bloom, It's Time To Get Outside Again...For Your Own Good!

Stephanie Costa, PTA is an avid hiker and this month she has decided to share some of her thoughts on the benefits of hiking and some of the great trails that you can access right in our own back yard. In this months newsletter, she features her recent experience hiking in the Blue Hills. To be taken to her article and some links to trail maps and guides, click on the photo above. Now, "Go Take A Hike:!


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