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Issue: #13


Fitness Fads, Good or Bad


Can You Be Training Too Hard??

You can't have a fitness conversation today with people mentioning CrossFit, P90x, Insanity or any of the other metabolic training based, intense workout regimes that are getting more and more popular. Although these programs clearly have their merits, there are also some risks associated with them which you should consider before staring that new program. We are starting to see more and more patients that are getting injured during these workouts because they are doing too much, too soon. Click on the photo to the right to be taken to a quick article about some of the dangers and some helpful tips on things to consider before you start.

Health Care Reform Helper
Health Care Reform Glossary

My insurance changed from a PPO to and HMO and my the PHO that my primary care doctor is part of just joined an ACO and now I am under a Global Payment plan...what the heck does that all mean?? There is a battle raging on Capitol Hill about Health Care Reform and with that battle comes a whole new group of abbreviations and terms that we all need to be aware of in order to better understand what people are talking about. We have prepared a brief glossary of some of the terms that can help you to better understand the terms and abbreviations being's not all inclusive, but at least it's a start. Just click on the photo to the right to be taken to the glossary of terms. 


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