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Larry Howard, LMT is providing Orthopedic Massage Therapy Services in our Braintree location.  He specializes in medical, myofascial and sports massage.
For the Holiday Season He is reducing his rates:

hour= $30

1 hour= $60

1-1/2 hrs= $90

These rates will be good through January 31st. A great gift for someone (or maybe a great gift for yourself!)
To schedule you can contact Larry directly:

508-245-3982 cell


Issue: #10


My Favorite Exercises For...


Iliotibial Band Syndrome

One of the most common areas for athletes that have to do a lot of running and jumping to develop an injury is the IT Band.


There are many different thoughts as to why this area is so prone to injury (friction at the lateral femoral condyle, "tightness" of the IT band itself, and repetitive flexion and extension of the knee under load, altered mobility in hip or ankle joints), but the common thread for most of these theories is a lack of strength and flexibility in some key muscles.


With many people starting their training soon for spring Marathons, don't wait for your IT Band to start developing pain before you start these exercises. Whether you are a causal weekend jogger, take the occasional Zumba class or are training for your 5th Ironman, you should add these exercises into your program now. click on the links below to take you to PDF handouts of the best exercises to do.


IT Band Strengthening Exercises   IT Band Stretching Exercises


All You Ever Wanted To Know About Metabolic Workouts But Were Afraid To Ask...
What Is A Metabolic Workout...And Why Should I be doing one?  
Ok. You've been told that in order to lose weight you need to "get in shape". Great! Now what? The amount of exercise information "out there" can be overwhelming. You don't want to return to school for four years before you start on your fitness program. That's fair, so let's talk about some basic features that you need to incorporate into your program to achieve your goals. This month Dave Mansfield, MSPT, CSCS tells you what you need to know from an experts point of view. To read Dave's article, click on the photo to the right.
Let It Snow?
Snow Shoveling Safety.

It's that time of year again. Here are some snow shoveling safety tips can help you from injuring yourself this winter.


1. Snow shoveling is no different than any other physical activity. For your own safety, ask your doctor if he/she feels snow shoveling is safe for you.
2. Shoveling snow can be a serious health safety risk if you have a history of heart related illness. High blood pressure and high cholesterol are risk factors as well.
3. Before starting to shovel, be sure you have warmed up properly. Try using the same type of stretching you do before your regular exercise routine.(click for a pre-shoveling stretching program)

4. Start slowly, work at a steady pace and take frequent breaks. Shoveling snow rapidly for long periods at a time will compromise your safety.
5. Choose a small shovel, so you are not lifting as much snow. Snow may appear light and fluffy, but it can get quite heavy when it starts to melt. A curved handle shovel is designed to take the strain off your back.
6. Plastic shovels weigh less than metal and snow is not as likely to stick to them. These factors add less weight to your load. Spray the blade with a lubricant to keep snow from sticking.
7. Stand with your feet apart slightly and bend your knees as you lift. Twisting your body while lifting can cause injury. Your feet should point in the direction you are lifting and throwing in.
8. Shovel often as the snow is falling. Frequent, light shoveling will be less taxing then infrequent heavy shoveling. 

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