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Larry Howard, LMT is providing Orthopedic Massage Therapy Services in our Braintree location.  His rates are:

hour= $40

1 hour= $70

1-1/2 hrs= $100

To schedule you can contact Larry directly:

508-245-3982 cell


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My Favorite Exercises For...


Beginning a Yoga Program

Yoga has existed for thousands of years.  The reason it has been around for so long is that it is extremely effective.  It is a useful means of improving flexibility, strength, balance and overall wellbeing. You don't need a $500 outfit from Lululemon to get started either! This month Katie Foley, MSPT has put together an article and some short videos of her favorite yoga positions to get you going on your way to better flexibility. Just click on the photo to the right to take you to the article.
All You Ever Wanted To Know About Lat Pull Downs But Were Afraid To Ask...
What Is The Best Way To Perform a Lat Pull Down?
"Is it safe to do a behind the neck lat pull down?" A question that should be, but is never, heard at health clubs and clinics all over "fitness land" as trainees blissfully go on doing the exercise to "hit the lats and upper back". Lat pull downs behind the neck are potentially dangerous and always unnecessary in your fitness or rehab plan. This month Dave Mansfield, MSPT, CSCS takes a look at this from a biomechanical point of view. To read Dave's article, click on the photo to the right.
How Is Your Balance?
Many Injuries That Occur At Home Are Due To Falls                      

How is your balance? Or, how is the balance of your aging friends or relatives? One of the main reasons for sustaining injuries in the home is from falling, but despite this, many people never check their ability to balance. This month we have loaded up a great resource from the American Physical Therapy Association about how to test your balance (or the balance of a loved one). If you find you have deficits, we have the tools and treatments to help you improve it and hopefully help you to avoid injuring yourself in the future! Just click here to get the PDF article.

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