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Larry Howard, LMT is providing Orthopedic Massage Therapy Services in our Braintree location. He has over 6 years experience working with a variety of clients and specializing in athletes. His rates are:


hour= $40

1 hour= $70

1-1/2 hrs= $100


To schedule an appointments or if you are looking for more information you can contact Larry directly:

508-245-3982 cell



Issue: #7


My Favorite Exercises For...


Strengthening Your Neck

There are thousands of exercises that you can do to strengthen your neck and upper back, but this month Michael Vacon, PT has put together an article outlining what his favorites are. If you have been suffering from neck and upper back pain or just don't feel you are strong enough to do the things you used to (or want to) this article is a must read.To access the article, click on the photo to the right.

All You Ever Wanted To Know About Neck Pain But Were Afraid To Ask...
A Review of Causes and Symptoms of Neck Pain
If you, or someone you know has been dealing with neck or upper back pain, it's time you got some answers to many of your questions. Our patient education section of our webpage contains detailed, up to date information about most orthopedic and sport injuries. This month we are focusing on neck and upper back pain, which is one of the leading reasons people suffer from headaches, stop doing things they want to and make visits to the doctor. Click the photo in this section to take you to all the information you have been looking for!
Do You Know Any Good Stretches For My Neck?
A Simple Stretching Program You Can Do Anywhere                      

One question that comes up a lot in casual conversations when you are a physical therapist is "Do you know any good stretches for (insert joint or body part here)...?" This month we thought we would put in a quick handout for neck and upper back stretches that can be done anywhere in just a few minutes. So after you have spent 8 hours staring at your computer screen and your neck is starting to get really stiff, take a few minutes to go through this stretching program and you will start feeling better. Click here to get the PDF of the program. 

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