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My Favorite Exercises for LBP
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Exercise and Osteoporosis
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South Shore Weight Loss 

 South Shore Weight Loss offers Fitness Consulting, Personal Training and Medical Weight Loss in our Braintree and Weymouth Locations.


Rates are:  

A 60 min 1 on 1  Session is $42


A Group Session

(2+ people) $21/person.

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Issue: #6


My Favorite Exercises For...


Strengthening Your Low Back 

There are thousands of exercises that you can do to strengthen your low back, but this month Michael Vacon, PT has put together an article outlining what his five favorites are. If you have been suffereing from low back pain or just don't feel you are strong enough to do the things you used to (or want to) this article is a must read.To access the article, click on the photo to the right.

Water, Water Everywhere...
Learn How To Beat The Summer Heat While Exercising
With the "dog days" of summer upon us, we are all looking for ways to stay cooler while we trying to stay active. Here is list of quick tips to make sure that while you are out playing in the heat that you are staying safe. Although this article is geared towards runners, the tips remain the same for all outdoor athletes in the summer. Also, with pre-season camps for Fall Sports starting to ramp up, it's important to remember to hydrate. To read up on tips to beat the summer heat, click on the photo to the right.
Exercise and Healthy Bones
What Can I Do If I Have Osteoporosis?

Three simple things to do if you suffer from osteoporosis or osteopenia...exercise, exercise, exercise. Research has shown that one of the best things to help reduce or even help prevent the reduction of bone density is weight bearing exercises. A physical therapist can help you develop a safe, effective exercise program to address this. Click on the photo to the right to access a video provided by the American Physical Therapy Association. If you have any further questions about which exercises might be good for you contact on of our offices.


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