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One of the most common injuries we treat is "Chodromalacia Patella" or more commonly: anterior knee pain/patella femoral syndrome. This is an injury that most people suffer with at one point or another and when "flared up" it can be very debilitating. It keeps people from running, climbing stairs or even doing things like going to a movie because they can't sit with their knee bent due to the pain.
To read about Patella Femoral Pain and some common treatments, click the image above. For specific questions use our "Ask a Question" feature by clicking here


South Shore Weight Loss 

Blue Hills Sports & Spine is partnered with South Shore Weight Loss to offer Fitness Consulting, Personal Training and Medical Weight Loss in our Braintree and Weymouth Locations.


Rates are being discounted for the month of July!


A 60 min 1 on 1  Session is $42


A Group Session

(2+ people) $21/person.


Click on the logo above to contact Jay and find out more about Special Rates for Blue Hills patients.

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As many of you are aware, the use of social media and online business reviews are becoming common ways for people to choose services they are going to use. If you were happy with your physical therapy at Blue Hills Sports & Spine, we are asking that you help us out by taking just a few minutes to write a review about us! Below are the links for the Google and Yelp for each of our offices. These are the more popular places for people to leave comments about their experiences...choosing one and leaving us a review will really help us thanks!


Boston Office:                                 Braintree Office:   



Weymouth Office:                          Plymouth Office




Ready To Get Your Adventure On??
Have you been thinking about trying an Adventure Race this summer?
Dwight Hartman, MSPT is the Clinical Manager of our Weymouth location, but I bet you didn't know he was also an accomplished Adventure Racer. With impressive finishes in The Tough Guy, Spartan Races, The Muddy Buddy and The Death Race, who is a better person to give some tips and tricks for surviving your first adventure race? Click on Dwight's action picture above to take you to an article he has written for us. If you are ready to tackle an event, don't hesitate to email Dwight directly for some free training tips.
Rock Climbing...For Beginners!
How to get the best views of all your favorite places...from the top!

Erik Holmes, MSPT and Clinical Manager of our Boston office has been an avid climber for a number of years (he is also a route setter for Metro Rock Gym


What he enjoys most about climbing are the people and the mental and physical challenges the sport poses.  Climbing is a unique sport in that it requires a balance of strength, technique and problem solving ability.  He feels climbing is a very rewarding and enjoyable sport because no matter your skill level you can always challenge yourself and when you achieve your goals you feel very rewarded.


The other thing that he likes about climbing is the bond of friendship that is shared between climbing partners.  Very few sports exist where your life is dependent upon your partner.  That dependence builds a bond and level of trust that is not commonly seen in other sports.


It is a passion that he is sharing with a number of our other staff members as well (Daryl Lamprey, DPT from Braintree and Jill Potvin, Office Manager in Weymouth) . This month we feature an article about Rock Climbing to buy, how to get started and some common terminology: that way you sound like an expert when you head to your local rock climbing gym for your first lesson.  To check out our article (with some pictures of the team on a climb in New Hampshire), click on Erik's photo above. For a quick video of Jill making the climb, click here.


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