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As you are returning to baseball and softball this spring and summer, it's important to loosen up before you throw. Clicking the photo above will take you to a playlist of some great stretches to keep you throwing without pain!
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Issue: #3  


Proper Throwing Mechanics for Young Pitchers


It's Baseball Season, Time To Check Your Pitching Form! 

Much has been written about proper pitching form, but here are some throwing basics that are as true for little league players as they are  for the pro's. The information in this article doesn't take the place of having a pitching coach evaluate the form of your future big leaguer, but it's a start. Focusing on proper form can help keep you on the field playing this spring and summer. For the simple guidelines, click on the photo the right. 

Rotator Cuff Injuries
Learn More About the #1 Injury to Throwing Athletes!
Maybe you are having a little arm pain after you throw,,,or you just can't that jug of milk out of the refrigerator both cases, you might be having an issue with your rotator cuff. Here some information about what your rotator cuff is, what it does, how you can hurt it and the steps to get it better. Click on the photo to the right to take you to our complete Rotator Cuff Information Center.
What Is The Best Way To Build Up My Throwing Arm?
Do You Know About The Throwers' 10?

If not, then you should definitely click on the link to the right. It will take you to a great resource for the proper way to perform the Throwers 10. It is a program designed to strengthen all the muscles necessary for throwing in a very concise program. Keeping your arm strong can really help prevent those nagging injuries from keeping you off the playing field.



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