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February 2012

Upcoming Events:
  • February 23: APCD Workshop on Proposed GHG Threshold for CEQA
  • February 29: C5 and APCD Grant Workshop at Madonna Inn, SLO
  • March 11: Green Shorts Film Festival Screening 
  • April 22: Earth Day celebration at El Chorro Regional Park
Grant Workshop for Fleets
APCD and C5 host a fleet workshop 

Come find out about the numerous grant funding opportunities available at the Central Coast Clean Cities Coalition (C5) and SLO County Air Pollution Control District's grant workshop on February 29. The workshop will include information regarding off-road equipment, agricultural tractors, heavy duty diesel trucks, alternative fueled equipment and vehicles, school buses and more. The workshop will also provide a brief update on current state regulations.


Hor d'oeuvres and refreshments will be served at the C5 networking mixer following the grant funding presentations. Meet with local equipment and truck vendors who will have booths on display and available to answer your questions. You do not need to be a C5 member to attend.



Madonna Inn, Garden Room
San Luis Obispo, CA 
February 29, 2012
Workshop: 3:00 - 5:00 pm & Mixer 5:00 - 7:00 pm
Space is limited! If you would like to attend please email admin@c-5.org. 


South County Monitoring Network

At the September 2011 Board meeting, the APCD Board approved a short-term air monitoring project to better understand the spatial distribution and community impacts of the particulate emissions plume originating from the Oceano Dunes. Planning efforts are now underway to begin the South County Community Monitoring Program by placing 20 air monitors at various locations on the Nipomo Mesa and Oceano area. The APCD secured samplers from other air districts in California, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Forest Service and Met One, the manufacturer of the EBAM samplers. APCD is currently testing and calibrating all the air monitoring samplers to ensure they function properly,  prior to placing them at the numerous locations that have been identified.
Beginning March 1, the monitors will be placed in a grid pattern over the Mesa, having one sampler per square mile over an 18 square mile area. There will also be 2 samplers placed in the Oceano community. The monitors will sample the air for particulate matter during the windiest time of the year, March, April and May. A report on the findings from the air quality monitoring expects to be released in the fall of 2012.     
PM study
Curious as to what the air quality is in your area? See the Air Quality Index (AQI) on the AP CD website or you can receive daily email alerts. To receive the daily emails on the air quality forecast, sign up at www.SLOCleanAir.org/air/SignUp.php and follow the instructions to subscribe to EnviroFlash. For assistance please call 805.781.5912  
Kids Outreach Program
pp Getting Air Quality Education into Classrooms! 

Calling all teachers, before-school, and after-school program coordinators! Are you looking to bring some air quality education and lesson plans into your classroom? The APCD has just the thing for you. The APCD's new Clean Air Ambassador's Program builds on a partnership with Cal Poly students and local high school environmental programs to provide environmental education to children in grades K-3. The program provides science based lesson plans and activities to elementary aged students and targets before and after-school programs. Teachers can sit back and relax while we provide a fun and interactive presentation to the students and provide you with helpful lesson plans and motivating giveaways. 


If you are interested in having the Clean Air Ambassadors visit your school , give us a call at 805.781.5912. You can also see the curriculum on our website at www.SloCleanAir.org 


Greenhouse Gas (GHG) CEQA Thresholds
APCD releases the proposed GHG thresholds for CEQA 
The APCD has developed GHG thresholds to help assist lead agencies in the review, quantification and mitigation of GHG emissions for proposed land use projects.  A copy of the updated Proposed GHG Thresholds and Supporting Evidence document is available on the Air District website for your review and comment (
www.SloCleanAir.org).  Written comments are being accepted through March 16, 2012.  


As a potentially interested party, you are invited to participate in a second public meeting on Thursday, February 23 at 10:00 a.m. at the Meadow Park Building at 2333 Meadow Street, San Luis Obispo.  The intent of this public meeting is to review the proposed GHG threshold for CEQA and solicit input from stakeholders. 


The proposed GHG Threshold will be presented to our Board at their March 28, 2012 meeting.  If you have any questions regarding the Handbook update or the workshop, please contact Aeron Arlin Genet, Planning and Outreach Division Manager, at (805) 781-5912. 


Central Coast Clean Cities Coalition
Idling Gets You No Where Campaign

Did you know that idling a vehicle for 10 minutes a day uses an average of 26.4 gallons of gas a year? This translates into each vehicle polluting approximately 530 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year! 


The Central Coast Clean Cities Coalition (C5), with the assistance of the APCD and two Cal Poly interns, has developed a new education program called Idling Gets You No WhereBecause idling is a prominent issue within California, C5 and APCD are striving to inform the local public of an easy way to take action to reduce greenhouse gases and air pollution, save money on fuel and protect our environment.  


This new program will be rolled out to local schools as part of the Clean Air Ambassador's Program and will be launched to the public at the 2012 Earth Day Celebration. 

APCD Short Film
Mr. Eco
In partnership with Mr. Eco, the
Environmental Rap Superhero, the APCD is developing a short music video to spotlight everyday actions that reduce air pollution. Mr. Eco is a junior at Cal Poly and has been making waves in the community with his environmental parodies on popular songs, like his "Prince of Fresh Air" video. APCD plans to submit the video to the Green Shorts Film Festival that is part of this year's SLO International Film Festival in March. The Green Shorts Film Festival is a video contest with a special focus on sustainability. The 1-2 minute video will also be a very useful tool for our Clean Air Ambassador's Program and will be incorporated into our website and shown at events. 

To see all the videos that Mr. Eco has produced to date go to www.MrEcoMusic.com

Stay tuned for future e-newsletters where we will post the new "When We Commute" video!
Thank you for taking the time to read our e-newsletter! 
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