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South County 
Particulate Matter Study

The APCD is hosting a public workshop to share information on recent developments and discuss next steps and timeline related to particulate matter impacting the Nipomo Mesa.

Three Main Topics will be discussed: 


1.  Desert Research Institute will present results of the Oceano Dunes Pilot Projects conducted from April 15 - May 6;   
2.  APCD will discuss preliminary results of the schools / community monitoring program; and,   3.  APCD will present the elements of the draft Fugitive Dust Rule for Oceano Dunes. 


When: September 7, 2011 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm


Where: Ramona Garden Park Center

933 Ramona Ave

Grover Beach, CA


SLO County Air Pollution Control District


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Upcoming Events: 
  • September 7 - South County Particulate Matter Workshop (see side bar article
  • September 17 - Coastal Clean Up Day
  • September 24 - Conservation Celebration at Charles Paddock Zoo
  • September 29 through October 2 - Sunset's Savor the Central Coast
  • October - Rideshare Month
Summer Food Miles Campaign
Think globally, eat locally!
Food Miles 2












































Did you know?

  • When food is shipped, fossil fuels are burned creating air pollution and greenhouse gases. The less your food has to travel, the better it is for our air quality. Most food in the U.S. travels an average of 1,500 miles before it gets to the consumers plate!
  • When you purchase local foods you help to preserve our agricultural landscapes. The loss of farmland to development is less likely when farms are profitable.
  • More than 3 million tons of fruits, veggies, cereals, nuts and wine are imported annually from overseas into California by ship, airplane and truck - produce that could be grown and bought from local farmers.
  • Supporting local farmers keeps dollars circulating within our community - which translates to jobs!

Ways YOU can help:

  • Buy produce that is locally grown and in season.
  • Support local Farmers' Markets. To see a complete list of all the local Farmers' Markets, check out Central Coast Grown.

Throughout the summer APCD will visit farmers' markets across the county, the APCD will distribute reusable tote bags, recipe cards, and refrigerator magnets to increase awareness of simple steps individuals can take to make a difference. Keep an eye on our calendar to see when we will be heading to a Farmers' Market near you! 


Campfire Etiquette
CAMPFIREAPCD has developed new outreach materials to address the air quality impacts from burning in San Luis Obispo County. The flyers will be distributed at local campgrounds and will be available at the APCD office. The flyer provides useful tips on clean burning practices that will help protect the community from the harmful effects of wood smoke.


Get rid of that old, dirty car and get $800!

The Air District is currently offering $800

to owners who wish to voluntarily retire their model year 1992 or older car, pick up truck or van. This incentive program is designed to accelerate the reduction of air pollution by encouraging individuals to retire older, high emitting vehicles. Motor vehicles produce more than half of the air pollution in SLO County. Removing high emitting vehicles from roadways helps clean the air. 

Program Requirements:
  • Vehicles must be currently registered as an operable vehicle in San Luis Obispo County for the past two consecutive years;
  • Vehicle must be in operating condition;
  • Vehicles within 60 days of a required smog check must take and pass their smog check. 
Additional requirements may apply. To determine whether your vehicle qualifies, please call 800.717.7624 for more information!


air advisor july 2011
APCD Grant Programs

APCD Awards Grant Funding to Replace Old Tractors 

& Trucks


The first project completed through the APCD's recently launched Equipment Replacement Program was the replacement of an old Caterpillar Challenger agricultural tractor by Darway Brothers Farms in San Luis Obispo. By replacing the old Tier 1 tractor with a clean-burning Tier 3 tractor, Darway Brothers Farm was successful in reducing smog forming pollution by approximately 35% and diesel soot by 81%. With the assistance of the local dealership network, fleet operators are guided through the grant process to determine what funds are available to assist with the purchase of clean emitting equipment prior to any State regulated cleanup schedules. Over the past two years the APCD's other grant program, Fleet Modernization, has been in operation and replaced six on-road trucks from local business; however, the dealership network was located outside of SLO County. The launch of this year's Fleet Modernization Program enabled APCD the possibility to work with local dealers who will reach out to their clients to increase awareness and implementation of emission reducing grant projects.


Earl Rakestraw (Quinn Company), Meghan Field (APCD), Chuck Darway (Darway Brothers Farming), and Vince Kirkhuff (APCD) at the first ERP transaction


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