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August 2011
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Like A Rolling Stone
Coach-Like Approach Techniques to Improve Your Communication Skills

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Quote of the Month 

 "Sometimes dead ends reveal hidden doorways, leading us to bigger questions and a search for higher truths." 


~ Author unknown

Interesting statistics:

Important to recognize that learning needs to be reinforced. People retain

- 20% of what they hear

- 30% of what they see

- 50% of what they hear and see

- 70% of what they see , hear and say (eg. Discuss, explain to others); and

- 90 % of what they see, hear, say and do.


It is in the post-training phase where participants translate their action plans into reality.   


If your faced with learning something new, take action to get satisfaction, "doing" is important.

What Some of Our Clients Have to Say About Dynamite Coaching:  

"Talk about an expanding experience... WOW. Mark was able to coach me to take an introspective look and help me refocus to find what I really wanted. Through some of the exercises Mark helped me grow in ways I never considered. This experience has
completely changed my vantage points and I would recommend it to anyone. Mark's
professionalism is only superseded by his caring and attentiveness. Thanks again Mark."  


~ Trevor Belanger, Financial Coach and Advisor, Abacus Wealth Management    

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Like A Rolling Stone  

In the summer of 1979 I was 14 years old and it was my job to repaint the windows on our house. This was no easy undertaking as I had to remove the windows, scrape off the old paint, sand the wood smooth, apply two coats of white paint and then carefully return the windows to their original place. 


To make the job more enjoyable and to help pass the time, I would turn on the radio and sing along to the hits of the day. As chance would have it that summer they played a feature on the band, The Rolling Stones, and I remember how they talked about when the band was first trying to get a recording contract (in the early 60's) they auditioned in front of the record label executives.


The executives said they liked the band but recommended they get rid of the guy with the big lips. Well, as you know, that guy was Mick Jagger and with him as their front man the band has gone on to unparalleled success and nearly 50 years in the rock and roll arena and is considered by some to be the greatest rock and roll band of all time.  


One of their big hits was a tune called "Satisfaction" and when I was 14 I liked the song because it had a cool guitar riff and was fun to sing along to. In fact, in 2004 Rolling Stone magazine placed "Satisfaction" in second spot on its list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.


But have you ever looked closer at the word itself........ Satisfaction.


If you break it down you'll notice that the last 6 letters spell the word "a-c-t-i-o-n," and in Latin, the word satis means "enough." In other words if one creates "enough action" you ultimately produce satisfaction.


Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald's Restaurant (perhaps you've heard of it), said, "There are three keys to success." "Being in the right place at the right time, knowing you are there, and taking Action."


Reminds me of the story about the man who goes to church and prays for God to give him a break and let him win the lottery. After not winning that week the man returns to church repeating his request that God give him a break and let him win the lottery. This time he adds that he has been kind to those around him, he's given up drinking, and has been really good overall.


A week later, still no richer, he returns to pray for a third time asking the same request for God to give him a break and let him win the lottery. This time the heavens open up and white light pours down on the man and a deep voice says, "My son, give me a break!" Buy a lottery ticket!"


So listen to the "Big Man,"


Or the man with "Big Lips,"


But take A-C-T-I-O-N to get your Satisfaction. Do it now!


Coach-Like Approach Techniques to Improve Your Communication Skills
Question: Who communicates for a living? Answer: Everybody! If You Live on Planet Earth, You Communicate For a Living.

So how important does it become to have good communication skills? Communication can be the Number #1 determinant to your success; more important than knowledge, academics or experience. No one is saying these other areas aren't important, but if you can't get your message out, how much you know becomes irrelevant. Have you ever had someone say "I'm not sure I understand what you mean" or "been in a conversation where somehow it becomes confrontational and emotionally charged and you're not sure what to do?" How good are you at "dealing with conflict?" 

How well you communicate will directly affect your ultimate level of success or failure in any situation. So I invite you to come and participate in a fun and interactive class where you will learn great tips and techniques on how to bolster your "skills" and fill up your "communication tool box."  

Course: "Coach-Like Approach Techniques to Improve Your Communication Skills"
Cost: Single day $100 - Both days $150
*Time: 1:30pm to 4:30 pm MST
*Date: September 17th and October 1st 2011
*Location: Marked Improvement Fitness Studio 7112-101 avenue, Edmonton, AB

Please note that we reserve the right to change course times, dates and/or locations due to unforeseen circumstances.

To register contact Coach Mark at [email protected] or 780-469-4800. Class size limited to first 10 people - call now to secure your seat

"Before I had met Coach Mark, I had always thought of myself as having a bit of difficulty when meeting new people in certain situations. I would find myself becoming increasingly overcome with anxiety leading up to the event; it did not seem to matter what event it was. All of this was due to my own lack of self-confidence in my communication skills with others. Coach Mark took the time to allow me to explore how life coaching can first make a change within. Since taking this course, I have become a 'change agent' for myself first and foremost. I took the time to invest in myself and therefore it has shown me how to more effectively take time and invest in the lives of others...all the while underscoring the importance of effective communication with others."


With Sincere Gratitude,

Laurie Buffalo

Let's Talk About Dynamite Coaching 

My client is the person or professional considering a career  change, or who is in transition from one career to another, perhaps is the individual interested in improving their current work situation to create excellence and find balance and joy in what they are presently doing. 

Together, the client and I work to explore their ideal career path. One that best matches their skills with their passion and aligns their values with their identity, moving them from just doing a job to experiencing their life's work.

It is true that your professional performance can affect your personal life and your personal life can influence the quality of your professional career. The two are not mutually exclusive. By discovering your own secret, the ripples in the water far outreach where the stone entered. 


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