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July 2011
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Can Anybody Relate?
Coach-Like Approach Techniques to Improve Your Communication Skills

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Quote of the Month 

"Once you make a decision, follow it with all your spirit. When you sit, sit. When you stand, stand. Whatever you do, don't wobble."  


~ Author unknown

Interesting statistics:

1. 85 percent of people are less than extremely satisfied with their current jobs.


2. Six in 10 people want to lose weight.


3. How many times today did you use these two words: "Thank you?"


4. Four most important words in management; "What do you think?"


5. 80 percent of success is showing up.


6. In a study of 3,000 people that made New Year's resolutions in 2007, only 12% stuck to them. The resolution with the greatest chance of success was "to enjoy life more."


What Some of Our Clients Have to Say About Dynamite Coaching:  

"Talk about an expanding experience... WOW. Mark was able to coach me to take an introspective look and help me refocus to find what I really wanted. Through some of the exercises Mark helped me grow in ways I never considered. This experience has
completely changed my vantage points and I would recommend it to anyone. Mark's
professionalism is only superseded by his caring and attentiveness. Thanks again Mark."  


~ Trevor Belanger, Financial Coach and Advisor, Abacus Wealth Management    

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Can Anybody Relate?


Ever have one of those days where things just aren't going right? No matter how hard you try there's that feeling you're in over your head, and that maybe you've reached the limits of your abilities.  


Maybe you're feeling overwhelmed by the constant parade of new technology coming out and you're struggling to keep up with it. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogging, WiFi, iPads, iPhones, I Scream, You Scream, we all scream but not for ice cream! Well, now you can relax and know that you're not the only one who feels this way.


Watch the fellow in the video and see if you don't find yourself feeling a certain kinship with his plight. Don't be surprised if you also find yourself laughing along with his situation and maybe picturing yourself in his "sandals."




Remember when learning anything new there are 4 stages one must go through:

  1. Unconscious incompetence - a person does not know that they do not know.
  2. Conscious incompetence - a person now realizes how much they don't know.
  3. Conscious competence - a person has developed or acquired the necessary skill, but is not yet consistent or habitual at it.
  4. Unconscious competence - the skill has become habitual and automatic for the person and their conscious mind is free to focus on other things while demonstrating the skill. (Like when you drive a car. The last thing on your mind is; how do I drive this thing? Your mind is free to focus on other matters.)

Ansgarr, from the video, would definitely be in stage 2. He is gaining an awareness of just how much he doesn't know and this appears to be causing him to feel overwhelmed by the whole process. He may be feeling a sense of discouragement about his situation and might even deem the whole thing as hopeless and possibly contemplate giving up. (The prospect of change can sometimes be hard so going back to what is familiar might be more appealing - ie. the scroll)


But despite the despair he may feel, all is not lost as there is a bright side to this stage as well (oh yes there is always a bright side)! As well as being the stage to awareness of how much one doesn't know, it's also the stage where the greatest amount of learning and growth can occur. It's where Ansgarr can develop new competencies and templates for the brain to say "hey if I can succeed at this, what else am I capable of?"


So the next time you find yourself with a daunting task perhaps take a break to relax and enjoy a good old fashioned book and take a moment to recognize just how far you've come. You're pretty amazing when you stop and think about it.   


Coach-Like Approach Techniques to Improve Your Communication Skills
Question: Who communicates for a living? Answer: Everybody! If You Live on Planet Earth, You Communicate For a Living.

So how important does it become to have good communication skills? Communication can be the Number #1 determinant to your success; more important than knowledge, academics or experience. No one is saying these other areas aren't important, but if you can't get your message out, how much you know becomes irrelevant. Have you ever had someone say "I'm not sure I understand what you mean" or "been in a conversation where somehow it becomes confrontational and emotionally charged and you're not sure what to do?" How good are you at "dealing with conflict?"

How well you communicate will directly affect your ultimate level of success or failure in any situation. So I invite you to come and participate in a fun and interactive class where you will learn great tips and techniques on how to bolster your "skills" and fill up your "communication tool box."

Course: "Coach-Like Approach Techniques to Improve Your Communication Skills"
Cost: Single day $100 - Both days $150
Time: 1:30pm to 4:30 pm MST
Date: September 2011 exact dates TBA

Location: Marked Improvement Fitness Studio 7112-101 avenue, Edmonton, AB

To register contact Coach Mark at [email protected] or 780-469-4800. Class size limited to first 10 people - call now to secure your seat

"Before I had met Coach Mark, I had always thought of myself as having a bit of difficulty when meeting new people in certain situations. I would find myself becoming increasingly overcome with anxiety leading up to the event; it did not seem to matter what event it was. All of this was due to my own lack of self-confidence in my communication skills with others. Coach Mark took the time to allow me to explore how life coaching can first make a change within. Since taking this course, I have become a 'change agent' for myself first and foremost. I took the time to invest in myself and therefore it has shown me how to more effectively take time and invest in the lives of others...all the while underscoring the importance of effective communication with others."


With Sincere Gratitude,

Laurie Buffalo

Let's Talk About Dynamite Coaching 

My client is the person or professional considering a career  change, or who is in transition from one career to another, perhaps is the individual interested in improving their current work situation to create excellence and find balance and joy in what they are presently doing. 

Together, the client and I work to explore their ideal career path. One that best matches their skills with their passion and aligns their values with their identity, moving them from just doing a job to experiencing their life's work.

It is true that your professional performance can affect your personal life and your personal life can influence the quality of your professional career. The two are not mutually exclusive. By discovering your own secret, the ripples in the water far outreach where the stone entered. 


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