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 February 2011
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"Brain researchers estimate that your unconscious data base outweighs the conscious on an order exceeding ten million to one. This data base is the source of your hidden, natural genius. In other words, a part of you is much smarter than you are. The wise people regularly consult that smarter part."  

~ Michael J. Gelb   Author of How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci

                                           "Tap into and Ignite your Unconscious Data Base,

contact Dynamite Coaching right now!"

Get your "Head" and  "Body" in the Game!

The Mind-Body Connection is crucial to optimal performance. To grasp full control of that Connection you must include the Spirit, the Desire, and the Decision to perform!


Marked Improvement and Dynamite Coaching take Fitness and Wellness to new levels using this principle. Just as Dynamite Coaching optimizes your "Daily Life," Marked Improvement Personal Training optimizes your "Health and Fit" Life.


For more information on how to get your "Body" in the game visit their website at

www.markedimprovement.ca  or call 780-468-4622 or 780-458-8622 to speak directly with a personal  trainer and book your complimentary consultation and training session today.


To remove "stinking thinking" and to get your "Head" in the game contact Coach Mark for a complimentary/no obligation coaching session and start tracking towards your goals today!  

Why Work With a Coach?

ICF (International Coaching Federation) client survey tells us that clients experience: 

~ A higher level of self awareness 67%

~ Smarter goal setting 62%

~ A more balanced life 60%

~ Lower stress levels 57%

~ Valuable investment 98.5%


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 Play Ball

Yogi Berra, former catcher for the New York Yankees, was once quoted as saying, "Baseball is 90% mental, the other half is physical."


Okay, I think we could all agree he wasn't exactly the world's greatest mathematician, and probably would have made a very poor accountant. Yet Yogi Berra couldn't have said it better.


If your heads not in the game, you're not in the game, period! 


Unfortunately the perils of, "stinking thinking," aren't exclusive to just professional athletes. That internal negative chatter, we sometimes suffer from, is an equal opportunist and loves to get into that 6 inches between our ears too!


I'm sure we could all remember a time when mental blocks permeated our minds, leaving us with "internal dialogue-itis," where we talked ourselves out of something before we even got started.


Sound like anyone you know?


So how do we train ourselves to get our "head in the game," remove the internal negative chatter and begin to formulate the belief that we can have what we want?


Great question! I'm glad you asked.


Enter "Coaching."


What is coaching? It is a practice of using "Solution Focused Strategies" to discover what is really important to you. Success and happiness are really an inside job and you're in charge. A client may come to coaching with a mindset that creates blocks towards achievement. They may have mental hurdles, characterized as those thoughts and beliefs that have held them back from truly achieving their goals and desired outcomes in the past. But that was in the past, and "no matter how hard we try we cannot make a better yesterday."
So in coaching we focus our attention on affecting the present and the future. When you remove the barriers and allow the mind to experience success, your frame of reference now becomes one that believes anything is possible and the body is free to build what the mind now sees as Important and Worthy.


By asking the right questions, one can elicit a deeper understanding of what might be holding you back and even more importantly how to help you move forward, freeing you to excel toward your life's goals.  How great is that?


By learning to speak your language and to work from your model of the world, the coach works with you to match your goals with your value system, taking you from "stinking thinking" and "poverty of choice" to "empowerment," "internal motivation," and "self-directed achievement."


It's the ultimate customized program with you being the architect who designs and builds it, with the coach as facilitator.
When you are allowed to put your Attention fully on your Intention you begin to track toward Mastery. Failure is replaced with Achievement, and Fear with Courage as alignment begins to emerge in spirit, mind and body.


This frees you from mental barriers and the world begins to look a whole lot different.  Imagine the magnitude and the scope of the role you play in creating a world where "I can't" is a word associated with drive-in movie theatres and vinyl records, and is replaced with "I Can" and "I Believe!"


Yogi's math may have been suspect, but his message was clear:

  • address the mind
  • clear the mind
  • focus the mind

And you are free to achieve Mastery.


Whose future do you wish to unlock today with the power of a question? It might even be your own. If you're finding yourself curious contact Dynamite Coaching now to find out how easy it is for you to get started.   


Get your head in the game and unlock your greatness today!

(Yogi Berra's "Mathematics My Way" course sold separately.)

Let's Talk About Dynamite Coaching 
My client is the person or professional considering a career change, or who is in transition from one career to another, perhaps is the individual interested in improving their current work situation to create excellence and find balance and joy in what they are presently doing. 
Together, the client and I work to explore their ideal career path. One that best matches their skills with their passion and aligns their values with their identity, moving them from just doing a job to experiencing their life's work.

It is true that your professional performance can affect your personal life and your personal life can influence the quality of your professional career. The two are not mutually exclusive. By discovering your own secret, the ripples in the water far outreach where the stone entered.

If you are simply interested in learning more about coaching, please contact Mark at [email protected] for a free 15 minute Informational Call, and he would be happy to answer any questions you might have.


If you wish to experience the power of coaching first hand, contact Mark for a free/no obligation session and enjoy the benefits of attaining clarity and a renewed sense of purpose.

What Some of Our Clients Have to Say About Dynamite Coaching:


"Dynamite Coaching really helped me to become focused on what I wanted so that I could clearly set & see my goals. Mark Marcynuk is truly gifted in, & really in sync with, Solution Focused Coaching

techniques & methodology which offers challenge, creates choice & effects change - it really helps to bring out your best in you.  Even though I did, already, have a tiny spark, Mark really detonated the dynamite that lay dormant, fizzling, within me.  Thanks to Coach Mark, I now have a clear vision, written goals, a workable strategy & action plan which I am realizing, & celebrating, as they are, now, coming to fruition.  Mark has supported, encouraged & helped me to actualize my goals & achieve them.  Awesome, mind-blowing service at an incredible value - worth far more than I paid (Silver Pkg.)!  Whether you're blue collar (Service Industry) or white collar (Professional)...  Everyone should have a coach... For results, I highly recommend CoachMark @ Dynamite Coaching."


~ Darren B.,Trucker Oilfield/Highway Transport


"My experience of coaching was extremely positive. To me, it's like there's an extra 10% of potential in all of us that is completely dormant most of the time, and all of a sudden it's opened up to you during the coaching process and it feels great to be working on that higher plane (not only during the coaching sessions, but between them as well). Even on issues that I've analyzed myself for years, after a session of coaching, I gained new insights that helped me move forward. The few months that I was being coached by Mark were a time of great confidence and positivity for me. Mark has found his calling with coaching. His sincere enthusiasm for coaching and for my process was contagious. I highly recommend the coaching experience and Mark as a coach."         


~ Colette Fluet-Howrish;  Mother of three, music teacher, social researcher

Associate Certified CoachICF