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 November 2010
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Would the Real Superman Please Stand Up

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ICF (International Coaching Federation) client survey tells us that clients experience: 

~ A higher level of self awareness 67%

~ Smarter goal setting 62%

~ A more balanced life 60%

~ Lower stress levels 57%

~ Valuable investment 98.5%


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What Some of Our Clients Have to Say About Dynamite Coaching: 

"Personal Coaching was one of the most pleasant surprises of the year for me. I was extremely skeptical about getting involved, but really enjoyed the entire experience. It never ceased to amaze me how the skilled coach could perform his 'voodoo' to focus me to come up with such well thought out plans and ideas. It was an extremely worhtwhile activity and I have nothing but praise for Mark's abilties. His positive attitude for coaching and life as well as his genuine commitment to his client's was inspiring."
- Cheryl B.

"Firstly, coaching helped focus me. It was truly amazing. Coaching is both the journey and the destination. Mark is your guide and will unlock potential you never thought was there, periodically stopping to smell the roses along the way. It was then that I realized I was capable of anything."   
- Don A.


Hi, I am Coach Mark and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to my newsletter. Over the past 2 years, I have coached with many different people from many different places and whose careers span many different vocations. One commonality I found was that people wanted to know the 'secret'. Was there a 'secret' and if so how could they uncover it for themselves? Well, I invite you to imagine that you already have the ability to unlock  "your secret" - if you believe.
I would also encourage you to forward this newsletter to someone who you think might enjoy it as well and may be looking to improve their professional or personal life. If they just don't know where or how to get started, coaching can help.
Would the Real Superman Please Stand Up

When I was a kid I wanted to be just like Superman. I would dress up with my underwear on the outside of my pants and I would pin a bath towel around my neck to act as my cape. I would then parade around the house, jumping from my mom and dad's furniture imagining that I could fly and that anything was possible.

My mind was filled with unlimited potential. I knew no limits to what I could do or to what I could become. I truly believed that I could fly, I just hadn't figured out how to do it yet.

As a kid, my days were filled with excitement and adventure. There was nothing that I couldn't do. Some of the challenges I met were hard, I'll admit, but I had super powers, so there wasn't anything I couldn't do, or any foe I couldn't defeat.

As I grew older I was told that Superman was just a comic book character and that no one could actually fly. There was no such thing as super powers.

I was told to believe, in fact, that there were limitations to what we as humans could do.
Has anyone heard that expression "If humans were meant to fly, we would have been born with wings."

Society said, think practically man and keep your feet on the ground, get an education, a good paying job, find a nice girl, get married and have a family, save some money for retirement, and have a nice life. Fit in with the majority of society going along living a life that said we were not meant to fly.

So, like many, I did all those things, I got an education, a good job, found a great girl, started a family, put away some money, and by all accounts I had a nice life.

But a funny thing happened to me on the way to my nice life, I stopped listening to myself and began to fall prey to what I was told would make me happy, like commercials telling me that if I had whiter teeth, or if I drank this beer, or drove this car, that I would be tremendously popular and wildly successful.

I watched advertisements designed to appeal to the masses so that I could fit in with everybody else and be cool.

Something was missing. I was living from somebody else's perspective, measuring myself externally by the world around me. I wasn't being super, I was just being. In reality, I was wearing my underwear on the inside of my pants like everybody else, where nobody could see them.

I was in disguise. Just fitting in with the crowd, complaining about the weather, my taxes and how my boss didn't understand me.
How I only get 3 weeks of vacation a year and how if this government had been elected instead of that one, all my troubles would be over. I was afraid to be different, so I hid amongst the masses who were doing exactly what I was doing, living a comfortable life.

Then I discovered something. I learnt what Superman's secret was. I learnt how he was able to fly.

You see in a lot of ways Superman was just like me ..... and just like you. He had fears too. He even had Kryptonite which stole his powers and made him weak, we have Gremlins or inner thoughts, stealing our powers and our confidences.

But here is the secret...

It's not about Superman. It's about a bigger picture. His gift wasn't so much that he was faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive or that he was able to leap over a tall building in a single bound.

His secret was that he believed in himself and that he had a gift, a gift that he needed to share with others. Superman didn't fight for just himself. He fought for justice for all. He could have easily kept these gifts to himself and just fit in with the rest of the world and no one would have been the wiser. But he didn't. He dared to fly.

There is a saying, "If you are willing to do the hard things in life, life becomes easy. If you are only willing to do the easy things, life becomes hard."

Well, what if we did dare to be different and we did believe we could fly? What if you had an idea or dream that was so revolutionary that it changed the course of history.

Perhaps something that would positively influence just 1 other person who then influenced hundreds of thousands of people, or maybe even hundreds of millions of people. How great would that be?

Nelson Mandella was quoted as saying "Did you know that our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate? Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond our own measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous?

Actually, who are you not to be?  You are a child of God. You're playing small does not serve the world."

I say don't allow yourself to fall victim to what others might say you can or can't do, or to what others might believe is or isn't possible. Listen to your own voice. What does it say?

Dare to believe that you are brilliant, talented, gorgeous and fabulous and know that everyone has a gift, a light that is uniquely yours. When you share that with even one other person you change the world.

You become "Super!"

Realize that you already know how to "fly" and that the potential for greatness and magnificence already are possessed by you!

You see when I look out into the world I see a society full of Supermen and Superwomen bursting with the ability to fly! I see you all with your underwear on the outside of your pants looking confident and sure of yourselves, ready to share your gift and change the world one conversation at a time. Isn't that the whole idea?

Share your gift that makes you unique wherever you are. You don't need wholesale changes in your life you simply need to appreciate the gift that is you.

I ask you, will the Real Superman please stand up!

So if you or someone you know would like to take steps toward being more "Super" please contact Dynamite Coaching today.
Let's Talk About Dynamite Coaching 

My client is the person or professional considering a career change, or who is in transition from one career to another, perhaps is the individual interested in improving their current work situation to create excellence and find balance and joy in what they are presently doing. 

Together, the client and I work to explore their ideal career path. One that best matches their skills with their passion and aligns their values with their identity, moving them from just doing a job to experiencing their life's work.

It is true that your professional performance can affect your personal life and your personal life can influence the quality of your professional career. The two are not mutually exclusive. By discovering your own secret, the ripples in the water far outreach where the stone entered.

If you are simply interested in learning more about coaching, please contact Mark at [email protected]for a free 15 minute Informational Call, and he would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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