Oct 2012

Expansion Workout! 







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After a year with our new mezzanine floor, we find that more specialised production and test space is needed to fulfil growing and more exacting orders.  We decided that we needed to get physical! 


Graham, our works director, has been coordinating the changes.  He's donned his leggings and headband and is aiming for that six pack.


Our new reflow ovens are now operating in full swing.  So in a move designed to get us fighting fit for the next 12 months, the first thing we've done is remove our large gas heater.  That's significantly increased our stores space.     


Graham's arranged for the mezzanine floor to be expanded, created test jig storage and a shielded RF burn-in area.  


It's been a high energy workout, with a lot of sweat and grunts along the way, but Graham tells us he now has the perfect (working) shape!



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