July 2012
The Texcel Olympic Challenge! 




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Go Team GB!


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Texcel has the legs for the Olympics!


There's no getting away from it - the Games are about to commence! 

Taking the view that if you can't beat them (though let's hope Team GB will be winning all the way) then join them, we've put together a Texcel Olympic Challenge to celebrate the Games. 

There's a bag of Olympic goodies for the first winner out of the hat!

1 How many rings are in the Olympic Games Symbol?

a) 4

b) 5

c) 6


2 Which country held the last Summer Olympic Games?

a) Argentina

b) South Africa

c) China


3 When were the first modern Olympic Games held?

a) 1666

b) 1896

c) 1996


4. What colour medal do athletes who come in third place receive?

a) Gold

b) Blue

c) Bronze


Answers to:  Texcel Olympic Challenge

* The winner will be notified by 18th September