Oct 2011

 The New Apprentices


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Alex and Alex. That was easy.

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Texcel are very proud to have two new apprentices starting their 4 year training with the company.  Conveniently, they are both named Alex, so that saves the rest of the team any confusion.


Apprenticeships help ensure that our workforce has the practical skills and qualifications we need now and in the future. Our apprentices are eager, motivated, flexible and loyal to the company. They in turn receive a first class training experience and a good start to their working lives.  


No one has sent them to stores for a "Long Wait" or "Chequered Paint" yet, but there's still time before they change colour from green.


Texcel Offers: 

  • Design
  • Procurement and Strategic Sourcing
  • Supply Chain management
  • PCB Assembly SM & Conventional
  • Chassis Wiring
  • Full Turn-Key
  • Functional Testing
  • Production Engineering and NPI Support

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