Feb/Mar 2011

Texcel Expands


New recruits to the Texcel Team




2010 was an excellent year for Texcel. 


Our sales were up by 19% and we attracted a number of major new customers, making our overall expected business growth to hit 17% in 2011.


To meet this new demand we've been busy investing in our team and infrastructure.  


We've had the builders in - constructing a dazzling new mezzanine floor, giving a total of 3000 sq ft of added space.


We've increased our staffing levels by an additional 15% in roles from process engineering, through to QA, production engineering, test and assembly. 


And we continue to invest substantially in additional surface mount, test and inspection equipment.


Yes, expansion is exciting and it's a great time to be working at Texcel, except if you need a parking space. 


Lots of early birds here!


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