Jan 2011

Texcel Has TEMS!

Texcel Tech 


Texcel has developed, with the assistance of our software design team, an automatic system for recording alterations and process changes to individual PCB assemblies. The system is known as TEMS, (Texcel's Exception Monitoring System).


When a process change or alteration is undertaken on the PCB assembly such as a part replacement, these are recorded in a database against the PCB, using the 3D bar code on the PCB. This additional information on the history of each PCB is very useful during test and inspection.


Furthermore, this data is retained for the in-service life of the assembly giving greater detail of any alterations undertaken that may be useful in supporting service issues.


We are finding TEMS coupled with our extensive route card tracking systems very helpful in improving our service to customers. If you wish to receive more information on TEMS, click here.   


Our Software team provide both internal support and external design services, offering our customers a complete hardware, software product solution.



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