Sept 2010
Meet the Texcel Team
Brian Edmunds
Craig Turner,
Training Manager

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World Class IPC Training


Craig Turner is the lead trainer at Texcel and, he'll be the first to admit, a technology addict.  His team ensures that Texcel maintains its in-house training of assembly staff to IPC610 class C - ensuring that every operator is trained, annually.


"Our aim is to exceed the IPC610 standard in our manufacture"  says Craig, "... whilst having fully trained staff that know the acceptability levels".


In order to achieve the best possible results to ensure risk and cost are appropriately managed, Texcel works with its clients to:


        Ensure the original PCB layout is correct

        Ensure correct component selection

        Work within clients' own specific standards

        Manage the process through our teams


So customers can focus upon their key skills of product innovation.


Whilst Texcel supports them with a complete electronic assembly service.


And what about Craig and his need for a regular technology fix?  Rumour has it that family members are planning to stage an intervention and check him into a clinic.


Email Craig with a training enquiry