April 2010
Meet the Texcel Team

Michael Keens, 
 Production Engineer

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2D Bar Coding
According to our engineer Michael Keens, boring can be beautiful.  Take bar coding for instance.     


Trying to track PCBs through an assembly process and use the bar code at various prime stages is high on the wish list for our clients.  And whilst it's not everyone's cup of tea, you just can't hold Mike back from that kind of challenge.


Success means working out how to embed and retain a lot of data on a label - one that can be processed through reflow and wave soldering, aqueous cleaning and testing.  So Mike got his thinking cap on. 


He selected a tough, fitted label.  He then introduced two dimensional barcode data that is encoded in both the horizontal and vertical dimensions. As more data is encoded the size of the barcode can be kept to a manageable shape for easy scanning.


Mike and other members of the Texcel team are now working to ensure we can automatically read the PCB at various mile stone points within our processes, with data logged against each barcode, for later retrieval and analysis.  


Once achieved, it will provide our customers with much better information per board on the processes and events that touch each PCB. 


So it turns out that Mike isn't boring at all, but brilliant.