March 2010
Meet the Texcel Team

Paul Beal, Systems Specialist
Paul Beal - Systems Specialist

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ERP Applications

Introducing Paul Beal, one of our Systems Specialists. He's a stickler for detail and obsessed with customer service -  ask anyone in the company. So it's hardly surprising that he should be involved in Texcel's new ERP application, SOLVITT.


Tailored to the specific needs of our industry, SOLVITT supports the essential functions of business processes and operations. It's a fully integrated solution providing controlled yet agile work flows, pre-emptive warns of exceptions and flexible customer designable print outputs.


When Paul took on the specification and implementation of the project, his prime aim was to focus upon any gains and benefits that could be levered for our customers. Texcel's business is now starting to show real benefits, transforming the service we can provide to our customers.


The results?  Immediate component procurement with fast MRPII.  Automatic works order tracking. Unlimited part number cross referencing. Original manufacture and distributor reference. Plus price tracking and a wide range of company performance reports thrown in for good measure.


Next on Paul's 'to do' list task is to start to open up the system for secure customer access. That will mean even better integration between Texcel and our customers. Making Paul a very happy man indeed.