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In Memoriam: Metro Fire's (New Jersey) Bob Young
Google's VP Callinicos Join's EOS Board
Tyco Purchases Chemguard
Dad, I'm working MY company!
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From the Editor's Desk

Welcome to the July issue of The Halon Herald!


It sure has been hot out there these last few weeks. How have you been dealing with the heat wave? Are you hitting the beach or just staying indoors? 


In this issue, we mourn the death of a prominent figure in this industry. We also have the latest news on Tyco purchasing Chemguard and more! 


As always, please feel free to direct to me any questions, comments or suggestions as they are always welcome!


- Kari

In Memoriam: Metro Fire's (New Jersey) Bob Young

Bob Young
July 16, 2011


The fire protection industry lost a dedicated servant last week when Bob Young of Metro Fire (New Jersey) passed away. Bob was with Metro Fire for 14 years and most recently serving as Sprinkler Department Manager. According to Metro's Tom Felipe, "Bob was an integral part in the development of our fire sprinkler department. Prior to joining Metro, Bob was associated with Allied Fire in a similar capacity for many years. He will always be remembered for his endless clich�s, quick wit and genuine sincerity to his customers and co-workers. Bob was probably the last salesperson in our industry to wear a necktie -- everyday!" According to Diane Pein, President of the N.J. Association of Fire Equipment Distributors, "Bob Young is one of the 2 reasons I became involved in the associations of this industry. He was the strong force behind me making the move to fight negative legislation in NJ. He was a giving and caring man, who spent most of his energy (even when sick) supporting the Fire Protection Industry and the people working in it. Bob was always there to help give me direction in helping to improve our industry. He is going to be missed by many." Click here to view Bob's obituary.

Google's VP Callinicos Join's EOS Board

EOS Climate, a San Francisco based company primarily focused on ODS destruction for greenhouse gas (GHG) markets, announced the appointment of Brent Calinicos, VP and Treasurer of Google, to their Board of Directors.

As VP and Treasurer at Google, Brent is responsible for all capital markets, banking and risk management activities. He joined Google early in 2007 after 14 years at Microsoft. His most recent role there was as Corporate Vice President and Divisional CFO for Microsoft's Platforms and Services Division, which encompassed the Windows, Server and MSN business groups. He was also Microsoft's Treasurer from 2000-2004. Previously, Brent worked at Walt Disney, with financial responsibility for Walt Disney Records, and in various treasury and financial capacities at Procter & Gamble. Aside from his many other memberships, advisory and board roles, Brent served on two Washington State's Governors' Council of Economic Advisors from 2001-2006. Brent has received numerous awards and commendations for his leadership at Google, including a 2008 Risk Magazine award for "Corporate Risk Manager of the Year" and a 2010 Adam Smith Award for "Overall Treasury Excellence." In 2009 he was named one of the "100 Most Influential People in Finance" by Treasury and Risk Magazine, for the 4th time.


Brent received a BS in business administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ('87) and an MBA in finance from the Kenan Flagler school at UNC ('89). Brent is also a CPA. He was honored with the Distinguished MBA Alumni Award from Kenan Flagler in 2004 and cited as a top alumnus in the Wall Street Journal and Princeton Review.


Regarding his new position on the EOS Board, Callinicos said, "I have deep personal and professional interest in clean technology and an interest in helping bring innovative solutions to scale. As someone heavily involved in Google's own renewable energy investments, I am delighted to bring my knowledge to help EOS Climate scale in its mission to address the harmful climate impact of refrigerants."


To date EOS Climate and their partners have delivered over 1.35 million metric tons of emissions reductions from the destruction of ODS (specifically CFCs) to the North American carbon market. Verified emission reductions from destruction of ODS are recognized as compliance offsets for the first time in California's impending emission reduction program, AB32.


Tyco Purchases Chemguard

In a joint statement issued by both Tyco International and Chemguard:


We are pleased to inform you that Tyco International, through its Fire Protection Products business, has entered into an agreement to acquire Chemguard, Inc., including Chemguard's subsidiary Williams Fire & Hazard Control, Inc. The businesses will be integrated into the Tyco Fire Protection Products business unit, combining Chemguard and Williams' expertise in foam agents and hardware, specialty chemicals, and firefighting services with Tyco's wide range of global fire protection offerings and capabilities.


As a result of the acquisition, Tyco will invest in and expand its capabilities in specialty chemicals, foam and foam hardware, and firefighting services, leveraging its global network of fire protection resources and expertise. The Tyco Fire Protection business unit consists of 25 manufacturing locations, 42 distribution branches, and 4,200 employees in 34 countries.


We anticipate this acquisition will close later in calendar year 2011. In the interim, you should see no changes to your daily interactions with Chemguard or Williams and will continue to receive the level of service and support that you have come to expect from us.



Dad, I'm working MY company!


Our industry has had its share of father-son and father-daughters teams: John and Tom Bower, Jack and Dave Becker, Al and Tom Farruggia, Melvin and Rod Getz, Mike and John Gioseffi, John and Dave Goodwyne, Harold Hard and John, Mike and Tom, Margaret and Keith Harrell, Chris and Ryan Hoiland, Ernie and Debbie Horvath, Robert and Tim Krulan, John and John Lawlor, Ralph and Tom Nardini, Bob Nipper and Diane Pein, and John and Steve Waters. To be sure, there are others.


We may have a new team to add to that list. Last week, Wesco was paid a visit by Craig Wright, President of Island Fire in Massachusetts, along with his son Shane. While Dad and Wesco's sales staff talked (mainly about the Jersey Shore in the summer), Shane was busy at work gathering just about every fire extinguisher in the office and lining them up under a desk. When told that it was time to leave he said, "I can't dad, I'm working my company!" With that great attitude, dad may be able to retire in the not too distant future.

Best of the Web

  • Boeing Cargo Compartment Fire Protection

From AERO by Boeing 


Boeing designs cargo compartments in passenger and freighter airplanes to prevent a fire and to provide passive and active fire protection systems to control a fire should one occur. Boeing gives the highest considerations to the safety of passengers and crew.


Click here to read the full article.

Did You Know?

The US Army completed research in 2010 to further evaluate alternatives to halon 1301 for ground vehicle crew compartment automatic fire extinguishing systems (AFES). Among other key findings, the following results were noted. Further testing in a stowed combat vehicle configuration is planned later in 2010 with a down-selected list of candidate agents and delivery systems.

  • It was reconfirmed that HFC-227ea with 5% sodium bicarbonate powder performs equivalently to halon 1301 with respect to fire extinguishing capability, by-product levels, etc.
  • FK-5-1-12 (Novec 1230) was able to extinguish fast-growth fires in approximately the same time as halon 1301, but the resulting by-product levels were significantly higher. While adding sodium bicarbonate powder to the FK-5-1-12 significantly reduced the by-product levels as it does with other fluorinated agents, the levels were still well above acceptable crew exposure limits.
  • An equivalent weight of water with additives took somewhat longer to extinguish the test fires than other agents, but temperatures and other parameters were within acceptable limits. Further testing is required to see if adequate agent distribution can be achieved in a cluttered compartment encountered in actual vehicle operations.
  • Halon 1301 with sodium bicarbonate powder (equivalent to 80g/m3) successfully performed at significantly lower concentrations than any other agent tested. Less than half of the agent weight was required compared to straight halon 1301 or HFC-227ea/powder and by-product levels were often below detection limits. This approach may lead to a simple and cost-effective way to improve the performance of AFESs and extend the life of limited halon reserves.

Most Popular Stories from June 2011


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