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In This Issue
FM200 Supply Update
BTP Moves to Top of Aviation 1211 Replacement List
More Reports from May Meeting of IASFPWG
NFPA Votes on FSSA Clean Agent Concentration Recommendations
State Association Update
News from Wesco
Did you know?
Pictorial Review of the NFPA Conference
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From the Editor's Desk

Welcome to the June issue of The Halon Herald!


In this month's issue, we cover the fact that a new environmentally safe Halon replacement has jumped onto the scene. It is worth reading about! 


We also have state association updates, some news from Wesco, and pictures from the NFPA conference in Boston. 


As always, please feel free to direct to me any questions, comments or suggestions as they are always welcome!


- Kari

FM200 Supply Update: DuPont Confirms Commitment to Fire Protection

June 1, 2011
To: Clean Agent Fire Equipment Distributors, Consultants, AHJs, Users and Customers
From: Al Thornton, Global Market Manager, Fire Extinguishants
Subject: DuPont™ FE™ Fire Extinguishants

In a January 2011 letter, we discussed the challenging supply situation currently facing the fluorochemical industry, our DuPont™ FE™ Fire Extinguishants, and specifically our FM-200� clean extinguishing agent. To date we have continued to honor the earlier allocation commitments made to our OEM customers and have worked diligently to support them with additional volume of FM-200� extinguishing agent in excess of those allocations to seek to meet their ongoing market demand.  


To read the full news release, click here

BTP Moves to Top of Aviation 1211 Replacement List

In the race to replace halon 1211 as the fire protection agent of choice in commercial aviation, one chemical that has not been discussed much in industry circles has jumped to the top of the list.

Deadlines are fast approaching. UL will withdraw its halon standard 1093 in 2014, meaning no manufacturer will be able to produce a hand held halon 1211 portable fire extinguisher with a UL Label. The European Community (EC) will prohibit use of halon 1211 aboard commercial airliners in the same year. And the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) will enforce the same prohibition in 2016.


At the May 11-12 meeting of the International Aircraft Systems Fire Protection Working Group (IASFPWG) in Koln, Germany, Boeing's Mike Madden presented a progress report on   

the development of BTP (2-bromo-3, 3, 3- trifluropropene), a promising new environmentally safe Halon replacement fire extinguishing agent.


To see the presentation, click here.


More Reports from May Meeting of International Aircraft System Fire Protection Working Group (IASFPWG)

The International Aircraft System Fire Protection Working Group was established as the International Halon Replacement Working Group in October 1993. This working group meets twice per year. One meeting is held in the Atlantic City, New Jersey area and one meeting is held at a host organization at another location. This group originally developed minimum performance standards and test methodologies for non halon aircraft fire suppression agents/systems in cargo compartments, engine nacelles, hand held extinguishers, and lavatory trash receptacles. The group's focus has been expanded to include all system fire protection R&D for aircraft.

Click here for more reports and presentations from the May 11 - 12 meeting of the IASFPWG.



NFPA Votes on FSSA Clean Agent Concentration Recommendations

On Wednesday June 15, the membership of the NFPA considered two floor motions as submitted by the FSSA on NFPA 2001. The results of the NFPA member vote on these motions are:

1) Motion to retain current minimum design concentration requirement in the 2008 edition of NFPA 2001 paragraph FAILED.

2) Motion to retain current requirement for Class C design concentrations in paragraph in NFPA 2001 - 2008 edition PASSED. A successful follow up motion made by Brad Stilwell representing Fike Corporation amended the initial motion.

To read the full report, Courtesy of FSSA, click here.

State Association Update

  • The New Jersey Association of Fire Equipment Distributors (NJAFED) held its annual meeting on Friday, June 3, 2011 at the Tropicana in Atlantic City. As is the case across the country, State Associations are playing a larger and more important role in the fire protection industry and New Jersey is no exception.

Led by NJAFED's President, Diane Pein of Approved Fire Protection, this year's annual meeting was packed with substance and great speakers. In addition to earning qualifying points for your NJ State License, click here to see what you missed if you didn't make the meeting.


In annual elections, the following members were elected to full terms on the Board of Directors:   


Al Fecci of Jersey Coast Fire, Bret Straten of Associated Fire, Doug Cogerof Reliable Fire Protection, Heather Mastrull of Wesco, James Newell of Allied Fire Protection, Joe Racite of Racite Fire and Diane Pein of Approved Fire Protection.

  • The Florida Fire Equipment Dealers Association (FFEDA) held their annual meeting at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Kissimmee, Florida on June 17th. In addition to three hours of special license holder continuing education offered on Friday and eight hours of continuing education offered on Saturday, the agenda was packed with issues important to the Florida fire equipment dealer. Click here to see what you missed. Close to 200 members attended the two day event, in addition to 20 exhibitors.

News from Wesco

Mac Graduates Top of Her Class

Shannon and her daughter, Mac


Wesco's Shannon Esopenko had a proud moment several weeks ago when her daughter, Mackenzie, graduated from Mansfield (TX) High School. Most kids graduate from high school, you say? Of course they do. But Mackenzie did it in THREE years!! And - to boot - ended up ranked 24th in her class out of 535 students. 24th!!!! Now that's special!! Mac, with high school degree in hand, is off to the University of Texas (Tyler) to pursue her studies, where we suspect she will be a success. Good luck Mac, we are all proud of you.






Heather Mastrull Elected to NJAFED Board of Directors

Heather Mastrull



At the annual meeting of the New Jersey Association of Fire Equipment Distributors, Wesco's Heather Mastrull, Eastern Regional Sales Manager, was elected to the Board of Directors. Heather has been with Wesco since 2008 and has worked hard to build a loyal distributor base on the East Coast. In addition, she has taken on additional work for the NJ Association. Heather also represents Wesco at PAFED, GASFED and FFEDA. Heather also recently got engaged to be married. She and her fianc�, Rich Reedy, a corrections officer for Somerset County, have a wedding date set for June 6, 2012.


Anthony and Maria Antipin


Anthony and Maria Get Married


Wesco's Anthony Antipin and his fianc� tied the knot in June in a Las Vegas wedding ceremony attended by family and friends. Anthony joined Wesco four years ago and is a lead recycling technician. Maria (Leli) Antipin is an office manager for a local entertainment company. The maid of honor was Sara Antipin and the best man was Kevin Verstraten. Everyone at Wesco wishes the newlyweds the very best!  


Did you know?

  • As an aerosol propellant, HFC-227ea (sometimes marketed under the Trade name FM200 by DuPont) is used in pharmaceutical metered dose inhalers such as those used for dispensing asthma medication.

Pictorial Review of the NFPA Conference in Boston

Wesco attended and displayed at this year's NFPA Conference in Boston. Here are a few pictures from the conference:
Wesco's Booth all set up and ready to go!
NFPA Boston from a higher elevation
Click here to see some more pictures! 



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