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Issue No. 12
February/March 2011  
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2010 Calendar of Events
Casino Volunteers Still Needed!

Our casino dates are May 19 & 20, 2011 at the Century Casino, 13103 Fort Road.


We require 25 volunteers to fill shifts over the two days.


For more information, click here.

Volunteer to Help with Gala Fundraiser

Do you enjoy parties? Decorating? Shopping? Horses? Have we got a great idea for you! Join the Gala Fundraising Committee.  You can choose from a variety of jobs including: hosting, decorating, sponsorship and donations, ticket sales, promotions.  Contact the office for more information 780-435-3597.

Clutter Busters

Put your clutter-busting, organization skills to work and help us clean up our classroom to make it more user friendly.   


We need both brains and brawn to give the room a good spring cleaning in time for the arrival of Little Bits riders and volunteers on April 3.


Please call the office at 780-435-3957 if you can help us out. 


Thank you. 

New Shavings

Indoor boarders will notice new shavings in the stalls. The 100% pine shavings offers better odour control while naturally repelling insects. It is also screened and vacuumed to reduce dust.


For more information on the product and its supplier, click here. 

You are our best resource!

We are exploring how best to inform Edmontonians of the valuable resources available to them at WELCA. You can help us in our efforts by providing your vital feedback and input. The information you provide will help improve services for you and your family, and create more opportunities for Edmontonians who are yet to enjoy the wonderful experiences WELCA offers.


Please take 5 minutes to click the link below and complete the 12 questions. Your responses will remain anonymous.


Click here

Diane David
Newsletter Editor & Administrator
Greetings from the Chairperson
Welcome to Hoofbeats and Heartbeats!

Gord Blinston Board memberGord will be back next issue!

Gord Blinston
Chairperson, WELCA
Alberta Stables Initiative
Regional Meeting at WELCA March 9
Alberta Stables Initiative logoStables in Alberta face many challenges in today's economic and demographic climates. Our increasingly urban population creates land use issues for horse facilities, and legislation can impact the stable's ability to operate. Competition for the public's leisure dollar is great with many activities competing for the time and finances of the population. Public expectations of animal welfare are on the increase and understanding of our industry is key to ensuring that stables are viewed favourably.

The ASI is hosting free regional meetings for stable owners, operators & managers and will educate about current issues facing Alberta stables.  Please plan to attend the meeting at WELCA, Wednesday, March 9 starting at 3:30pm. Click here for info.

Lesson Program News

Rider Level 1 and 2 Testing  Riding students in the Horsemanship program who did not take their rider levels last year are taking their testing during their classes in March. To participate, the student must have a current AEF membership and permission from their instructor.

Horses 101
Everything you want to know about horses but didn't know who to ask. The 3.5 hour seminar will run Monday, March 14 starting at 6pm in the classroom.  Tickets are $20/person.  Presenters are from the Horse Industry Association of Alberta. Call Diane at 780-435-3597 to register.

THANK YOU - We couldn't have done it without you!
WELCA would like to thank Phil Ross and Jon Tennessen for their help clearing the snow off of Barn 1.

Kudos also go out to staff: Judy, Jen, Kelly, Kate and Sally for tackling that snowload and working to move it from the roof and also from the yard. Bring on the mud!!
Words of Wisdom
from George H. Morris, show jumping's preeminent trainter and commentator.
Two Horses"The foundation of success in anything is just that - a strong foundation, solid basics. I like to say that I teach basics all the way to the Olympics. Without a firm grasp of the essentials of form and function, a rider cannot excel at any level."

"Begin with basics so they become automatic and you can rely on them for the rest of your riding career.... think about what you are being asked to do. And don't move on unless and until you have mastered that particular skill."

"In addition to riding correctly and intelligently, you owe it to your horse to keep him as healthy and as fit as possible. Learn how the veterinarian and farrier contribute to your horse's welfare. Become familiar with stable management too. The good rider should always strive to be well-rounded. Why? Because that's the way to become the ultimate goal of anyone involved in equestrian sport - a horseman."  Click here for more information.

2011 Calendar of Events
2011 calendar
Programs, Shows and Events Scheduled at the Whitemud Equine Learning Centre and Show Grounds  

March 9 

Regional meeting of the Alberta Stable Initiatives. Click here for info

March 14

Horses 101 Seminar Click here for info

March 21-27

Equine massage clinic from Equine Rehab. Click here for info.

Indoor arena closed for installation of infrared heaters (CFEP funded project

March 28-31

Equine vertebral alignment clinic from Equine Rehab.  

April 3

Equine Emergency Response course Click here for info 

Little Bits Spring Session starts   

May 24-29

Edmonton Classic Horse Show

June 5

Corporate Challenge Bunnock Tournament - Show Grounds  

June 18

How to Shoot Horses (Photographically) Like the Pros - Linda Finstad. Click here for info.  

June 25-26

WELCA Year End Show  

July 4 - 29

City of Edmonton River Valley Summer Camp programs here.  

July 20-24

River Valley Horse Show  

August 13-19

Equine massage therapy clinic by Equine Rehab.  

August 20-23

Equine vertebral realignment clinic by Equine Rehab

August 27

How to Shoot Horses (Photographically) Like the Pros - Linda Finstad. Click here for info

September 3-5

Bunnock Tournament - Show Grounds  


Second Annual Little Bits 'n Bites Breakfast Round-up
Little Bits logoPlease support the Second Annual Little Bits 'n Bites Breakfast Round-up taking place 7:30am, Thursday March 17th, 2011 at Delta Centre Suite Hotel in downtown Edmonton. This fund raising breakfast was a huge success in 2010.  


Please contact Olena Dudych at the Little Bits office 780 - 476 -1233 or click here to email her to purchase tickets to the event. Tickets are $25 or tables of 10 for $250, which includes a delicious hot breakfast at a first class facility.   Bring your friends and family, we are confident it will be fun. Your support will ensure it is a success for Little Bits!